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What else for pf? Can I help?

Posted by Sara Y on 12/05/03 at 21:51 (139458)

Hello my name is Sara. I am a physical therapist. I started having pf when I went crazy one day and raise my steps to three high leading step aerobics. It is going on three years now and my activity level went from 10/10 to .5/10 because of this. My life has completely changed. I have just gotten through the denial part of this stuff and have reach the anger stage. Being a therapist, I know all the things you are supposed to do. I have a podiatrist and orthopaedist. I finally gave in to shots and they have deteriated my heels. I have done everything except the ESWT and Surgery. I have no insurance, so this isn't going to happen soon. Is there any studies that are out there that I can participate in? I am a chemical and biological researcher by heart and would love to participate in anything that would help cure or help plantar faciitis.

Re: What else for pf? Can I help?

Mike W on 12/07/03 at 09:08 (139521)

Hello Sara,

Are you aware that most traditional exercises for PF are physiologically incorrect and therefore ineffective.

I have helped over 1000 PF suffers over the past few years and several physiotherapists who also had PF.

You should check out my website http://www.foottrainer.com to learn effective exercises for PF.

I hope you get better very soon.


Mike Wilmot

Re: What else for pf? Can I help?

Kathy L on 1/02/04 at 01:50 (141118)

Try MSM for 2-3 weeks, keep activity to a minimum, do only gentle ankle bending, and wear good shoes and gel pads.

Re: To Kathy L.

Sara Y on 1/04/04 at 20:40 (141372)

What is MSM?

Re: To Kathy L.

Kathy L on 1/04/04 at 23:23 (141382)

MSM is methyl-sulfonyl-methane. According to what I found at http://www.cybervitamins.com/msminfo.htm . MSM 'takes out the inflammation, permits the muscles to heal and prevents them from becoming sore'. It recommends taking MSM with Vit. C.
Use the search on the Treatment message board and search for 'MSM' and you will find several posts by me and others who have had results

Re: To Kathy L.

Sara Y on 1/05/04 at 21:06 (141457)

Thank you so much for that suggestion,. i have been waiting for something that might help. I will get some tommorrow. i will keep you posted, if it works i may suggest it to my patients as well

Re: To Kathy L.

Kathy L on 1/05/04 at 22:29 (141460)

Sara, I don't know if you were able to read some of the other posts... but in case you didn't, I wanted to mention that it will take about 2 weeks for you to see an improvement... don't get discouraged and expect something the first week. Do take 1000mg twice a day with Vit C.

Re: To Kathy L.

Sara Y on 1/06/04 at 18:44 (141501)

Your my angel. Thank you.