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Posted by Rachael T. on 12/06/03 at 20:33 (139501)

Monte, did you in the past wear the silicone orthotics? What is your opinion of them? How long did it take before you felt improvement from them? And, if anyone else is using them - please advise the same...thanks!

Re: Monte.....

monte on 12/06/03 at 20:47 (139506)

Hi...I never wore the silicone orthotics. I was tempted to try them. I have gone through alot of orthotics. I am now wearing a pair that Dr Cozzarelli got me and they are OK....I can tolerate the right foot 100%, but my stupid left foot is a bit uncomfortable in them...but that is my worse foot anyway


Re: Monte.....

Physics Ron on 12/08/03 at 13:30 (139587)

I wear the SDO's along with compression socks, hopefully its an easier way to tape.

I think the silicone provides more shock adsorption (always a good thing) but its the silicones slight motion back & forth thats special. Although I'm not sure why?

I use the laminated model for running (its thicker) & the Spenco model for everyday. My PF is 80% gone ...hope this helps.

Re: Monte.....

Nan D on 12/09/03 at 14:47 (139659)

Rachel, The silicone orthotics or sdo's are absolutely the best. My pain was 50% less after wearing the sdo's for about 10 days. I wasted a lot of time, effort and money before I ordered them on the internet. (Not to mention being in horrible pain for several months.) There is a money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose. After wearing the sdo's for almost 1 year ALL of my pain is gone wearing tennis shoes and 90% of the pain is gone wearing dress shoes.

Re: Monte.....

RACHAEL T. on 12/09/03 at 18:02 (139677)

NAN - I am alot better than ever before w/ Brooks sneakers & Sole orthotics but not perfect. Did you go backwards the first week of wearing the SDOs before noticing any improvement or was it ok at first..? More?

Re: Monte.....

Nan D on 12/09/03 at 19:12 (139682)

Rachel, I am glad you are better. I noticed a huge improvement in just the 3rd day of wearing the sdo's. The first 2 days you can only wear them for a few hours at a time. I was in such severe pain I could barely walk & by the 3rd day of wearing the sdo's, I could at least walk a little. It got better every single day & there was no going 'backwards'.

I think these Pod's that tell you it takes weeks & weeks to get use to those hard orthotics ought to educated about what really works. I had tried many other orthotics before I bought the sdo's and all of them were a waste of money and never fit properly. Please do yourself a BIG favor & try the sdo's. You will Get MUCH better MUCH quicker if you do!

Re: Monte.....

Dorothy on 12/09/03 at 21:07 (139687)

Rachel ~
I think I am going to thank you once a week until I change my opinion! These Brooks shoes are really great. I think they are making a huge difference in my feet and I would never have known about them if not for you. You don't have to respond to me each time I thank you; it's just something I want to do. People really should try the Brooks shoes (Ariel and I would also say Addiction, also really terrific) - I think they are superior to New Balance for PF and Achilles tendonitis, if my experience is at all typical in using both brands of shoes. So, I'm for Brooks, Dansko, and some Birkenstocks, although not as much as many others here, and Thorlo socks with well-cushioned heels and balls of foot.