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To Bluestella

Posted by Dorothy on 12/07/03 at 18:49 (139542)

Can't post to the 'Ask the Foot Doctors' category where you posted your question so am posting here. First, you should do a search on the internet using the search term 'horse chestnut'. It is a commonly used herbal treatment and you will find lots of info. about it.
Second, here are some pieces of info. on horse chestnut with sources cited:
1. Book: Women and Pain, by Mark Young, M.D., F.A.C.P., with Karen Baar, M.P.H.: page 281 - 'Miscellaneous Foot Ailments and Helpful Remedies
- Horse chestnut (Aeschulus hippocastamum), used both externally and internally, helps leg swelling and circulatory disorders. Used as a lotion, it helps to heal leg ulcers. The seed coating can be toxic, so peel them if you are making remedies yourself.'

2. Same book as above, page 167: 'Horse chestnut - Classically used to treat varicose veins and swelling, horse chestnut may cut down swelling from tendonitis. It's too soon for me to make a recommendation, but this is one I'm following; future research will tell the full story.'
(This book by Dr. Young is copyrighted 2002)

3. Book: The Natural Pharmacy by Lininger, Gaby, Austin, et al. The index, p. 603, for listing 'Horse chestnut' (pp.435-436) lists the following conditions with that listing: for bruising, for chronic venous insufficiency, for edema, for hemorrhoids, for minor injuries, references on, for varicose veins. I won't write out all of these; you could find this book at your library or a bookstore.

4. Book: The Natural Health Bible, 2nd Edition, by Steven Bratman, M.D. with David Kroll, Ph.D. Index p. 487 under the listing 'Horse chestnut' shows the following conditions with that listing: for bruising, for hemorrhoids, main discussion of, for minor injuries, safety issues and interactions, for sports injuries, for surgery support, for thrombosis, for varicose veins, for venous insufficiency. I will quote only from the surger support category for horse chestnut, p. 176: ' .... extracts of horse chestnut are sometimes recommended to help reduce swelling after sprains, other athletic injuries and surgery. This use is based on teh known effects of horse chestnut on blood vessels and ther is some evidence that it amy be effective. However, horse chestnut may also increase bleeding and should only be used under a doctor's supervision.'

Again, you should do your own research in this book and any other book and on the internet - BUT you should begin by discussing this with your doctor! Did you actually begin taking something that you do not know what it is or why you are taking it? I am going to be very frank with you, Stella, something that I think SOMEONE needs to be with you: you need to take far more responsibility for your own health care conditions and information than you seem to do - and if you can't or won't, then you need to locate someone who will help you. It is unwise to rely on this website, or any website, for your health information. I have repeatedly recommended to you that you have someone who is competent and responsible act as your advocate with your health care issues because you seem to have some serious issues going on and do not seem know how to address them or how to advocate for your own well being.

Re: To Bluestella

Dorothy on 12/07/03 at 18:51 (139543)

Spelling errors in quotes above are mine, not the publications! I am tired and was trying to type fast.