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Posted by Rachael T. on 12/07/03 at 22:47 (139556)

'Tis me again - after more wearing of the SOLE orthotics in my Brooks shoes ......& I sometimes like them & sometimes, I choose the Brooks insole w/ the lift instead.....I will keep them - at this point. They deserve more of time & experimenting in wearing them....I guess this 'change' of insoles is just like everyone else's (& mine too) change of shoes. Change of shoes thru the day does help especially on long days. This weekend I had a few long days w/ a dinner party prep - but the dinner today was fun & everyone loved everything....& sooo, I guess sore feet got thru another challenge - shall maybe ache more tomorrow after 1-1/2 days of heavy duty cooking for many & then, today's event. But, like I said - fun today made it worthwhile!!


Carole C in NOLA on 12/07/03 at 23:16 (139557)

Changing footwear during the day and from week to week was sure helpful to me. I think it was a big help on my road to recovery, and it was one of several things that my C.Ped suggested for PF.

If your feet are achy tomorrow, don't forget Rest, Icing, and Elevation. Actually the acronym is R-I-C-E for reducing swelling, and the C is for compression, but I'm not sure that applies for PF. So, we have R-I-E anyway.

As far as cooking goes, I never did do much and if it gets to the point of hurting feet, I generally sit down. But you were probably doing a lot more intensive cooking than I've attempted with PF. I hope your feet recover fast!

Carole C


RACHAEL T. on 12/08/03 at 14:11 (139589)

HI Carole! Thanks for your note-& now to 'today!' I awakened today w/ little stiffness & 'good' feeling. I finally took 800mg ibup. at 2in afternoon ONLY cause I was fearful that they'd go from the extreme good feet to the extreme painy bad feet - which is what happens w/ me when I go w/o pills. Anyway, I am still good & wearing Brooks w/ Sole orthotics! I wish as does everyone here could feel like I do today - even after overdoing all wkend. Today, though is a restful day....did some Christmas cards & surfing & eating 'leftovers!' No cooking today! (-;