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Where's Lari?

Posted by Dorothy on 12/08/03 at 00:20 (139559)

Has anyone heard from Lari (in northern Calif. as I recall, recuperating from recent surgery, had some healing issues due to diabetes..)???
I hope she is reading here and doing OK and knows that her absence has been noticed - hope it is for happy reasons and not for any setbacks.

Re: Where's Lari?

Lari S. on 12/09/03 at 19:05 (139681)

Hi Dorothy,
I'm actually here. My husband (John) was home for the past few days and his birthday was Saturday. We were trying to get stuff done around here while the weather was still good, plus do something for his birthday. My feet are now screaming at me even though I would come in and prop them up.

John went back to work today and flies until Friday night. He is then off for 7 days, so I'm sure we'll be at it again. They really back ended the flying schedules due to the holidays, so most of his days off have come during the first half of the month. He will be exhausted by the time he finishes the end of the month.

Anyway, missed everyone, but have been checking back to see how all are doing. I was just too pooped by the time we were done with cutting/splitting oak, cleaning out the flower beds, and burning all the stuff that wouldn't go through the shredder. Opted to lay in bed and read with my feet up so I could go at it another day.

Re: Where's Lari?

Dorothy on 12/10/03 at 00:49 (139698)

Lari ~ I'm glad to hear from you and to know things are ok. Take good care and stop back when you can.... ( I kind of sound like I'm on Necee's ranch in Texas, don't I?? :-) )

Re: Where's Lari?

Kathy G on 12/10/03 at 08:50 (139723)


I hope you can take it easy while John is flying and maybe do less the next time he's off. Pilots have killer schedules, don't they? It's one of those professions where the person is exhausted by the time the holidays finally arrive.

Take care and keep those feet up!