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heel pain related to Sacroiliac Joint problem?

Posted by Susan L on 12/09/03 at 12:26 (139653)

After 6 months of trying different physical therapy approahes to sacroiliac joint disfunction (and lower back pain) I finally got my SI pain under control through a series of hamstring stretches, piriformis stretches, pelvic neutral positions,abdomon exercises, and stabilization exercises. At almost the exact time my back pain resolved,I leaned forward and got a sharp pain in the bottom of my heel, which now comes every time I bend over to pick something up, even a partial bend to reach something on the couch. A full -out squat is the only way I can reach something on the floor without another twinge of pain and a tearing feeling in my heel. The heel is opposite the side where my SI joint hurt (left heel, right SI). Actually, my heel now hursts almost all the time because I seem to keep setting it off, even though I'm trying not to bend forward. What's going on? Any insight advice is much appreciated - I'd like to fix my heel withourt undoing my SI again if at all possible!