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Posted by Nancy S on 12/09/03 at 16:14 (139673)

My podiatrist recommended New Balance shoes for my PF (609's specifically). SInce then, I have tried LOTS of different New Balance shoes, but they all seem to have very stiff leather and a seam that hits my right little toe right in a place that hurts. Are there any shoes with a softer leather thaT anyone can recommend? My toe bothers me as much as my PF now!

Re: Shoes

Carole C in NOLA on 12/09/03 at 16:37 (139675)

Funny you should mention that, Nancy... when I bought a brand new pair of New Balance 991's recently, they also hurt my little toes slightly. I had to start out wearing them either part of a day, or one day out of three, and to wear my old 991's the rest of the time.

After a week or two the new 991's were broken in and they no longer hurt my little toes, believe it or not. Since they are new they now feel a lot better than my old pair, with better cushioning.

I never heard of anybody having to break in running shoes like that. However, it seemed to take care of the problem for me. It seems that brand new New Balance 991's are pretty unforgiving and it appears they need to be loosened up a bit through a break in process.

When I first got my old pair I guess I broke them in unintentionally. I did not like them so much for the first week or two so I only wore them a little. By the time I decided I liked them (at all), they were broken in.

I hope maybe this might help you in some way.

Carole C

Re: Shoes

RACHAEL T. on 12/09/03 at 18:05 (139678)

Nanc - try the Brooks...they have a wider toe box & I, too, when wearing the NB found that little toe crunch uncomfortable as well. I have found the Brooks Ariels to be really better for my PF than the NB. Try them on the next time you are shoe shopping.

Re: Shoes

Pauline on 12/09/03 at 19:12 (139683)

This is the price we pay for 'fashion' in running shoes. They design them with more stitching and small pieces of leather for fashion.

My suggestion, in what ever brand you choose, is to look for ones that do not have as much leather on them (more mesh on the toe box), and hardly any stitching on the side of it. Also look for high toe boxes. Some of the manufacturers are cheating women out of sizable toe boxes making them flatter and more narrow. They don't do that to the mens.

No doubt you have already noticed the size changes. No longer is a 9 a real 9. It makes me angry that we can send people to the moon, but we can make shoes in uniform sizes. It's pretty sad when every catalog with running shoes tells you to size up before you order.

Where are those good old days when a ladies size 9 shoe was really a nine. Most running shoes were white and free of zig zag stitched pieces of leather that hurt your toes?

Re: Shoes

Dorothy on 12/10/03 at 00:50 (139699)

Doesn't Nancy wear the Brooks Addiction?? (A very good shoe that is on my feet right this minute and being very nice to me!)

Re: Shoes

nancy s. on 12/10/03 at 07:09 (139709)

yes, dorothy, i do wear it (only when i 'go for a walk,' the rest of the time it's birks birks birks for me). i think the Brooks Addiction is an excellent shoe. i was kind of surprised to see myself asking about alternatives to NB. it could have been me, in a stupor, asking that question -- but methinks another nancy s. has arrived!


Re: Shoes

Julie on 12/10/03 at 08:18 (139719)

I knew it was a new Nancy S, Nancy. We can tell because she uses the shift key and you don't! But it did sound a bit like you for a moment...

Welcome to the new Nancy S - you couldn't have a nicer namesake.

Re: Shoes

Nancy S on 12/10/03 at 09:40 (139731)

Yes, it's a new Nancy S. I certainly hope that nancy s. #1 doesn't have feet that hurt quite as much as mine. I couldn't even begin to estimate how much I have spent on shoes as well as socks that don't rub on my sore toe. You know those socks that supposedly have no toe seam?-they just have a smaller one with a knot at the end that kills my toe. Who would have thought that a sock could be so painful! Toe + PF = agony

Re: Shoes

nancy s. on 12/10/03 at 16:14 (139757)

thank you, julie! as you know, i used to use caps, but stopped after acquiring 2 frozen shoulders, and i still find lowercase to be easier on my fragile tendons, which apparently means bodywide fragile tendons.

Nancy S., i no longer have feet that hurt as much as yours sound like they do. but believe me, i did for a long time. much better now, and i certainly hope the same for you. i know what you mean about the shoe stitches and the sock seams -- i winnowed out those things carefully during the worst of it, and i still pay attention. by the way, the brooks addiction has no stitching that puts extra pressure anywhere, as far as i'm concerned -- maybe you should check it out? can you try on a pair at a store? i couldn't find any store nearby in my state, so i took a big chance and ordered them through the mail, and they were just right for my walks. one of the few lucky untried finds during my long phase of searching for the right shoes, socks, inserts, orthotics, doctors, and so on.

not a big fan of big-box stores, but i found the easiest, warmest, and softest socks at target's. they have nothing hard at the seam. you might want to check there if sock seams are giving you so much trouble. the store has too many to choose from, but i knew immediately when i 'd found the right ones.

best of luck to you,


Re: Shoes

Nancy S on 12/10/03 at 18:51 (139770)

I just ordered the Brooks Addiction after reading posts about that shoe. I got it from Zappo's since they are quick to ship and returns are easy. I'm about 50 miles from the nearest store that carries Brooks, so I may have to experiment on sizes through the mail. Heck, I've already spent hundreds of dollars on shoes, what's another $84.95? ;) Thanks, everybody!

Re: Shoes

Suzanne D. on 12/10/03 at 22:10 (139781)

Welcome to you, Nancy S., and also good to hear from you, nancy s.! I've missed you in the past few days.

Suzanne :)