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Posted by Rachael T. on 12/09/03 at 22:37 (139691)

Dorothy - I love saying 'your welcome!' It beats 'I am sorry you are having a painful foot day!' - That is for SURE! I am on a high, much like you - so it sounds by yournote. I say my high is attributed to a 'different' feeling of well being in my feet in the past few days that has been really different. I hope this feeling persists! I attribute this good feeling to my Brooks w/ Sorbathane lift along with the SOLE inserts that I formed to my feet per SOLE instructions....the first day or so w/ them, I questioned them. Now, I am feeling much more positive....unbelievably & 'scary' that my feet are so positive. Who knows, tho', w/ this PF - one cannot tell...but truly, I stress the 'different' feeling of my feet..like in the Soles rather than the custom orth. the Soles have made them feel more natural! hmmmm! More report on them as time passes - but at this point, they are thumbs up!