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Need Help With Heel Pain

Posted by Steve K on 12/10/03 at 08:58 (139727)

My Son was diagnosed with Osgood Schlatters at 15 in both knees, various advice was given but he elected to keep playing soccer. He eventually grew out of it with no more effects in his knees.
Recently he has been complaining about soreness when he wakes in the mornings and after sport in his heels. He visited a doctor yesterday and was told it was osgood schlatters. Can this be possible in his heels or has the doctor gone down an easy path with diagnoses not being fully aware of what the problem might be. Could It Be Plantar fasciitis ????
He is an elite academy sportsman and is currently playing representative Futsal (indoor soccer) and would like to fix or eleviate the problem.

A Reply via email would be great if possible.

Your assistance is appreciated.