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Ossa tron same thing?

Posted by Carrie on 12/10/03 at 11:09 (139738)

I had severe pf for years, it would come and go with no real ryme or reason. I finally got the ossa tron treatments on Monday. Is this the same thing as the ESWT? If so I cannot believe that some of you were awake for this, they knocked me out, and I am glad since the pain is pretty intense. I am not at all happy about this either. I have taken a week of work and am wondering if this is going to be enough even though I have a mostly sitting job I am in allot of pain. I find that where i hurt before is even more sensitive than it was, wich sucks. My dr feels it is normal though. Anyhow just wondering if this is the same treatment you guys are talking about. I am glad I was asleep for it.

Re: Ossa tron same thing?

Steve G on 12/10/03 at 13:10 (139749)

Carrie - yes the Ossatron is an ESWT machine. There are three machines in use - Ossatron, Dornier, and the Sonocur.