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Dressing up, wearing nice-looking shoes? Suggestions needed!

Posted by francesc on 12/10/03 at 16:12 (139756)

Hi everyone,

I have PF like everyone else. My right foot PF is in remission and I still have a medium case of it in my left. I just got my orthotics and they seem to help. However, I cannot walk around in my NB running shoes all the time. I have a nice holiday dinner to attend in a week and a half for my husband's work.

Can anyone recommend any nice shoes that are decently supportive? I have one pair of Birkenstock Annapolis that I like but, they still are not quite dressy enough.

Has anyone tried the 'Beautifeel' brand? I noticed that they supposedly have some arch support and extra shock absorption. Just wondered if anyone has tried this brand. If not, are there any others that are nearly in the price range that are dressy?

Thanks in advance,

Re: Dressing up, wearing nice-looking shoes? Suggestions needed!

Kathy G on 12/11/03 at 08:57 (139793)

Hi Frances,

I remember someone mentioning Beautifeel shoes and a quick search showed that a poster had bought some for her wedding. She never reported how they worked out, however. I remember someone, maybe Dr. Z?, mentioning them, too.

My search also brought up a post directing us to a http://www.comfortoneshoes.com that you might find helpful.

I hope you find what you're looking for. Comfortable dress shoes are tough to find. I don't know how long you've been reading these boards but very few of us have found Easy Spirits to be very comfortable.

Good luck!