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Do most of u have flat feet with your PF?

Posted by Nancy F. on 12/10/03 at 18:12 (139766)

HI, I dont post often but i do love reading all your posts. I have been a cronic pf suffer for 25 years now & like all of u have tried EVERYTHING having the tape & proper orthotics be the only thing that works for me for a few lousy hrs anyway. I am 80 lbs overweight due to depression & no excerise. Like to also blame pf for alot of my lack of motivotion. But the real question i have is,How many of u also have very flat feet in addition to the painful pf problem? Also does your pf band feel very hick when u touch it?? Is the ral pain from the pf or the flatnes of the feet not being able to stand for long & always leaning? I am just courious too those of u with the flat feet in addition. Thankyou so much to those of u who answer. i look forward to checking back later to see who responded. Nancy F.

Re: Do most of u have flat feet with your PF?

Ellen on 12/11/03 at 08:10 (139787)

Hi Nancy,
I'm sorry you have been suffering with this for so long. I can tell you that I have flat feet and both my parents had Plantar Fasciitis too,but my mother has high arches and my father has the same feet I do--flat. I think mostl foot types can develop this problem. I have very strange feet because they are flat but if I try to wear arch supports, it just makes my feet worse. Once I discovered that I shouldn't be wearing arch supports (they press against my arches and re-inflame them), then my feet started getting better. Most others seem to need the arch support, unlike myself. I'm glad you are reading all the posts--maybe you'll find some information that will help you at some point.
Ellen J.

Re: Do most of u have flat feet with your PF?

Julie on 12/11/03 at 08:14 (139788)

Nancy, flat feet are indeed considered to be one of the contributory causes of PF. This is because flat feet tend to over-pronate (i.e. turn in too much).


Re: Do most of u have flat feet with your PF?

Richard, C.Ped on 12/11/03 at 08:35 (139790)

I have seen all kinds of different foot types in people that suffer with PF. Flat feet, high arches and normal arches. PF is a stress and overuse injury that has to take time to heal. When and who it strikes is a toss up.

Re: Do most of u have flat feet with your PF?

Aly on 12/11/03 at 12:50 (139805)

Hi Nancy,

I actually have very high arches, so I guess anyone can get it. But I do feel that thickness of my PF band, as you mentioned. That came on about 1 year after having PF. I was told that was swelling of the tendon there, but I've never been sure...


Re: Do most of u have flat feet with your PF?

Dorothy on 12/11/03 at 16:17 (139813)

I don't have flat feet. I have a high instep with a rather normal arch, tending more to the high side than not. The high instep has always made finding comfortable shoes a challenge.

Re: Do most of u have flat feet with your PF?

Sher A on 12/12/03 at 19:11 (139881)

Hello.. gad, 25 years??!! I only got this when I turned 50, the year I started falling apart. Now I look forward to getting it all back together and moving on. Yes, I am one of the flat-footed ones. I'm also very slight boned and probably weigh 20 pounds more than I should. I think that comes with age, because I don't eat enough to feed a cat. But when I was a kid we lived in Hawaii for 4 years during my formative years. I only wore flip-flops, none of us wore actual shoes unless it was to church or somewhere like that. We wore flip-flops to school, everywhere. I never wore heels later because walking in them was way too unnatural and hurt. I thought one of the neatest things were those Earth Shoes and wore those. I never could ice skate either because my ankles were too weak and would fall inward. So I don't know if my PF got its start back then or if it's just a genetic thing since my father also suffered from it. The only thing that really helps is standing in such a way as to put as little pressure on the heel as possible.

Re: Do most of u have flat feet with your PF?

Dorothy on 12/13/03 at 01:09 (139894)

I used to love Earth shoes and wore them a lot - back when. Do you know they are back? Lots of cute styles. However, I think they are considered not so good for PF because heel is lower than toes, a bit of a stretch, I guess. Seems that it might be good, but apparently not.