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Brooks question....for Richard C.Ped or anyone??

Posted by Rachael T. on 12/11/03 at 12:30 (139804)

I am wondering what the difference is with Brooks Ariel (as I wear) & the Addiction & Trance that I see others referring to on this board. Is one more suitable for certain problems or what? I'd love to know the differences.

Re: Brooks question....for Richard C.Ped or anyone??

Dorothy on 12/11/03 at 16:12 (139812)

Rachel ~ If you go to http://www.zappos.com and enter the names of those shoes or simply search under Brooks for those models, you will see the text description of each model for comparison. See if that helps with your question; if not, maybe we can find other detailed info.

Re: Brooks question....for Richard C.Ped or anyone??

Jen L on 12/12/03 at 16:51 (139867)

I want to add to Rachel's question: those of you who have had worn different brooks, whether it's Ariel or Addiction or Trance etc., could you give a first hand comparison on how different they feel?
The shoe manufactures/seller's description of the features are brain numbing, and they can be miles away from what they really accomplish. The customers' reviews on their website are not heelpain oriented.
Another question; they tell you that the shoes have many fancy midsole and cushsole. I'm concerned about using my own othotics in the shoe. If the arch support of the shoes is provided by the insoles that come with the Brooks, I will be able to use mine when I take the brooks insoles out. Otherwise, if the arch support is built in the shoe, then I can not wear them.
Anyone can shed a light on that?

Re: Brooks question....for Richard C.Ped or anyone??

nancy s. on 12/12/03 at 17:35 (139870)

jen, the arch support in the brooks addiction is in the insole, which comes out easily. i just took it out to check for built-in arch support in the shoe, and there appears to be none. i don't know how thick your custom orthotic is; mine (which i ultimately couldn't wear) is VERY thick, and i don't think it would fit into the addiction (nor many other shoes!). but i sometimes take out the brooks insole and put in an over-the-counter one that i prefer (usually spenco), and there's plenty of room.

the addiction is the only brooks shoe i've tried or have, so i'm sorry i can't compare the different brooks lines for you.


Re: Brooks question....for Richard C.Ped or anyone??

Dorothy on 12/13/03 at 01:18 (139895)

I've been trying to figure out my answer to your question, adding to what you have already gotten from nancy s. and Rachel. First, they are not heavy, but they are both supportive. The heels are well cushioned. The toe area is roomy enough, not cramped. Neither has a noticeable arch support 'bump',not like Birkenstocks. The Ariel feels less 'aggressively' supportive, I would say, whereas the Addiction has a more supportive and less motion-ish feel to it, but not significantly different...just enough to be an alternative. Both feel like a supportive glove on the foot with nice cushioning on the base. Heels are snug but not tight on both. The Ariel has a kind of stretchy material on the top where there is fabric which is very comfortable because there is not too much of it but enough for a little top-foot give. Otherwise, I cannot do any better than this. Suggest you try them on. I think they are similar but slightly different w/the Addiction being a little moreso of the qualities they have. I like them both a lot. I have PowerStep and SuperFeet and silicone gel (not the custom Dr. Kiper ones) insoles, but the Brooks have been so good - almost always - that I have not worn any additional insole with them. I really like them with Thorlo socks - very cushioned in heel and ball.

Re: Brooks question....for Richard C.Ped or anyone??

Jen L on 12/13/03 at 10:09 (139915)

Thank you Nancy and Dorothy for your inputs.
I guess I'm kind of 'alergic' to trying new shoes after failed experiences with Birks, New Balance and SAS shoes. My SAS shoes are lying in the original shoe box, and I cannot wear it becuase of the slight built in arch support!
My custme orthotics are not thick except in the arch area and around the edges of the heelcups. Although I have been to the POD's office four times just to have it adjusted so it will not give me ankle pain and more heelpains, it's been the most supportive (and expensive)one among the various orthosis I have tried up to now.
I guess I will make my moves towards Brooks now.

Re: Brooks question....for Richard C.Ped or anyone??

Dorothy on 12/13/03 at 10:39 (139921)

I also have a distressing array of the same shoes you mentioned. I still wear them because of the investment! BUT the shoes that really, always (so far - about a month now) feel just REALLY good are these Brooks. I actually think I like the Addiction model better but it's close so I would say either or both the Addiction or Ariel are good choices to try.
I'm wearing the Addiction right now, having put them on with Thorlo socks after taking off early morning Birkenstocks - and man, they are great!
I hope this shoe satisfaction continues because this is a very nice experience. I wish they made the same basic shoe but in more 'sedate' design so I could wear them in all circumstances - or almost all - without feeling silly. But I am glad they exist at all so no real complaints..
Good luck to you.

Re: but, but.... :)

Carole C in NOLA on 12/13/03 at 11:23 (139931)

Dorothy, don't wear shoes that don't work for you just for the investment while you still have PF! You NEED to wear shoes that help you right now while you are having PF pain, so that your feet can heal.

Just a thought. If you have a shoe that helps you, pick that one! :)

Carole C

Re: Brooks question....for Richard C.Ped or anyone??

nancy s. on 12/13/03 at 12:52 (139937)

dorothy, your mention of 'sedate' shoes reminds me of how lucky i am that i never wore sedate shoes in the first place. i've always liked the kinds of shoes that are good for pf. i guess this means that, in a way, it was right that i'm a person who got pf. how's that for backward thinking!


Re: Brooks question....for Richard C.Ped or anyone??

Julie on 12/13/03 at 14:53 (139946)

Sounds like good thinking to me, Nancy, but then I'm the same. Getting PF didn't require any big fashion changes for me - and in fact it improved things. I'm much happier in the shoes I discovered on account of PF than I've ever been with any others. Birk Arizonas, North Face Targas - perfect.

Re: Brooks question....for Richard C.Ped or anyone??

Dorothy on 12/13/03 at 15:58 (139950)

Julie ~
I have looked for North Face Targas and Targus since you mentioned it here today, but no one who carries North Face footwear has a Targus or Targas. I have found three styles of North Face running/cross-training type shoes but none called Targas or Targus. Because people respect your opinion here, I think, I was hoping to find sources for the shoe you are so fond of, but no luck. Maybe others know of online resources for it.
I think online is best, otherwise we get into local sources and not many have access then.
Well, I just got a phone call from my husband who is now about an hour's drive away; it's snowing and he was in traffic, on the cell phone (mobile to you, Julie), and drinking a cup of coffee!! I realize now that this man should never be up on a roof! Howsomeever, he is bringing lots of goodies home for us, including some nice tea and a fresh baguette.
Starting now, around the world, pray he has safe travels...

Re: North Face Targas, and maybe a "Julie Emergency"!

Carole C in NOLA on 12/13/03 at 18:05 (139961)

Dorothy, here's the North Face URL:


Julie, I don't see any Targas there! Am I looking in the wrong place? Maybe they have already discontinued it. If so, better check e-bay quickly.

Carole C

Re: Brooks question....for Richard C.Ped or anyone??

Julie on 12/14/03 at 03:36 (139966)

Dorothy and Carole

No emergency, thank goodness (but thanks loads for your concern :) ) You're right that the North Face site doesn't feature the Targa shoes, which alarmed me at first, but Google, asked to find North Face Targas, obligingly came up with a few thousand sites.

Here's a link which has a better photograph of the Targa than some, and gives links to good places to buy on line.


One of the links takes you to Sierra, which has them at a 60% discount, for $27.99. Heartbreaking for me, because they cost me ?50 (that's about $70) here. I shall have to see if Sierra will ship to England.

But Dorothy, don't go rushing to buy them even at $27, unless you can return them. Remember the 'horses for courses/shoes for feet' rule. We're all different. Brooks shoes are right for your feet, but they weren't for mine, so perhaps Targas won't suit you. For me they're perfect: I always needed a wider last than most brands make, even before I grew bunions that have to be accommodated. And I need a high toebox. And I need a thick sole and lots of tread because of all my hiking on stony Cretan footpaths. Targas supply all that, so if you need those things too, they might suit you. But I don't want you to think that I'm recommending them to everyone - whenever I've mentioned them I've enumerated the features that make them the shoes for me. Anyone who reads my encomiums but who has a narrow foot need think no more about them.

But I do thoroughly recommend them to anyone who has a foot like mine.


Re: Brooks question....for Richard C.Ped or anyone??

Dorothy on 12/14/03 at 14:38 (139990)

Just a couple of follow-ups: First, Sierra Trading Post has these as a 'Closeout' and since Sierra sells products that are, for the most part, being discontinued, that should tell you something. Second, REI - which I had already checked because I like REI (and Sierra Trading Post) does show a few North Face products but NOT any Targa at all. I did not check the other links you provided. Lastly, Sierra does have the Targa as a 'closeout' but only in sizes 5 and 5.5. Because of the type of inventory they have, they will not have renewed stock once they are gone.
Julie, you might want to make sure of a supply of these, your favorites, since it looks like they might be hard to find...but maybe not in England/Europe. Thank you, by the way, for the excellent description of the features that make them suitable for you. That is useful information. Best wishes~

Re: Brooks question....for Richard C.Ped or anyone??

Julie on 12/14/03 at 15:18 (139993)

Thanks, Dorothy. I will check the UK Targa situation tomorrow.