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Surgery 12/09/03

Posted by Faye J on 12/11/03 at 13:41 (139806)

I hope this will be a success story. I had tts surgery on Tue. Today Thur not doing too bad, as long as i take my meds like I'm supposed to. And do what the doctor tells me. It turned out to be two large varicose veins compressing the nerve, he couldn't cut them out so he moved them, (was too close to the artery,) I had alot of scar tissue from spraining the abkle, they also lengthen the ligament, and removed a heal spur. The cast is a little uncomfortable I'M SURE THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Just thought I would give you an update. Oh and by the way I have decided not to file for workmans comp. The doctor says it is too hard to prove that it happened at work, anyway I didn't think it was worth the fight, thanks for letting me ramble on. p.s. I will be having the other foot done in May the doctor wants to make sure this one is healed first. Faye J.

Re: Surgery 12/09/03

Michelle on 12/11/03 at 19:55 (139822)

I hope you are doing fine! I have TTS surgery on the 17th of Dec, and it's nice to hear that you are doing fine so far. I, too, have veins (the doc said it was a vascular mass) compressing my nerve. Good luck!

Re: Surgery 12/09/03

Faye J on 12/12/03 at 10:58 (139849)

Michelle, So far things are going great. I started today taking my pain meds every 6 hours, i don't like being on it unless I really need them so far the pain isn't bad. I have stayed down like the doctor said which I don't have a problem with. After working for so long in pain I enjoy taking it easy.I came out of surgery with a bright green cast, at first I thouhgt it glowed in the dark. Ha Ha still under ya think? Everyone is having fun writing on it with a red marker. it looks a little like Christmas around here. I pray your surgery goes well, keep me up to date....Faye J