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tts misdiagnosed as posterior tibial tendinitis

Posted by oops on 12/11/03 at 21:20 (139823)

Several years ago, I had surgery for peroneal tendinits, which was due to a tendon tear suffered during running. Subsequent to a successful surgery for this, I began to get symptoms on the other side of my foot. (the inside). My ortho at the time diagnosed PT tendonitis. A few years later, I went to a doctor who talked about 'nerve pain', not knowing what he was talking about, and having had so many problems with tendinits, I didnt listen. Well I just recently found out I have TTS. In fact, I got some old records from 4 years ago, where the second doctor said i was convinced i had PT tendinitis, but that they tried to tell me i had TTS. I would swear I have never heard the term before, but I was probably not listening. At any rate, after a solid 6 years of chronic pain, I finally have the right diagnosis. I am a big fan of surgery at this point, since I have been miserable for so long. Problem is, I have no idea why I have it. Why would I get this soon after a surgery on the other side of my foot? Could it be varicosities from the veins being cut on the other side? How have people had varicosities diagnosed? Seems they go down when you lie flat as you would in an MRI. I am planning to go see Dr Dellon.

Oh yea, and I forgot to mention, with 6 years of a wrong diagnosis, I am a physician myself. That was the problem I think.

Re: tts misdiagnosed as posterior tibial tendinitis

Dr. Z on 12/12/03 at 17:56 (139873)

You may have both. A MRI of the Tarsal Tunnel would help to clarify and also might determine the cause of your possible TTS. TTS is caused by an an injury such as an inversion injury. Did you injury your foot?. Peroneal brevis tendonitis can be caused by an inversion sprain and or injury or foot structure deformity. Anyway lets address the present problem get an MRI

Re: tts misdiagnosed as posterior tibial tendinitis

oops on 12/13/03 at 09:06 (139907)

I agree, I plan to get an MRI soon.

I never had any inversion injuries or anything else of that nature. My peroneus brevis injury came when I ran over 13 miles at once and then slowly went away, till the third time, it just came.

Are you aware of anyone having PT tendinits cause TTS? I've been reading a lot, and have not found it.

Re: tts misdiagnosed as posterior tibial tendinitis

Terry D. on 12/13/03 at 09:47 (139913)

Hi Dr.
Well at least you are seeing the best Dr. I too was told I tore a ligament....as I am an avid runner but I don't ever remember tearing or spraining that ankle. I ended up with a ganglion cyst that Dr. Dellon removed. I am still pretty numb but had been running on it pretty regularily.....which I have since stopped. The pain was gone the next day after the operation. But it is a slow recovery.
My surgery was May 19th. 2003.
Best of luck,
if you think of it say hi to Dr. Dellon for me and tell him I'm up to 45 chin ups...I think he will remeber me by that!

Re: tts misdiagnosed as posterior tibial tendinitis

Dr. Z on 12/13/03 at 13:04 (139940)

It is possible to have both since they are both located within the tarsal tunnel. If you have an excessive supinating foot and ran 13 miles that is trauma