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Happy Holidays Everybody!!

Posted by Dorothy on 12/13/03 at 16:15 (139952)

It just now hit me! I finally got a little bit o'holiday spirit and now the momentum will build. Suzanne D., I'm thinking of you and your church and your Christmas play tonight in sweet Kentucky, best among places and where my dear folks now rest, with the snow falling and Christmas coming soon. Julie, I'm thinking of you in England with Chanukah coming soon, even though I know you may not be particularly observant; maybe the holiday spirit will make your feet want to dance with joy for all the miracles. And Richard and his new baby - what a gift - and John H., and the folks who have moved on and those who still read but don't talk to us here! All the other Fabulous Foot People, some getting wished-for Birks or new sneakers; some getting the healing they've been hoping and praying for; some getting more improvement and some getting hope and optimism for better days. Marie getting the first kiss from her 'hubby' and Suzanne getting a smooch from Tee-um.... Bless us every one! You folks whom I've never met and never seen mean a lot to me! In the immortal words of John Wayne in that movie where he played the gritty Navy officer who was injured in combat and paralyzed but determined to walk again looked at his feet and said over and over: 'I'm going to move that toe. I'm going to move that toe...' well, let's all move all our toes~ Happy Holidays, folks.

Re: Happy Holidays Everybody!!

Suzanne D. on 12/13/03 at 16:32 (139954)

Thanks, Dorothy! =D> Your enthusiasm is contagious! It IS amazing how much people whom you have never met can come to mean to you, isn't it? I have realized that many times - and most acutely when the board has been shut down for a time. I have thought to myself, 'What if it is never back up again? I don't have many of the people's e-mail addresses with whom I regularly 'talk' here. What a shame if I were to lose touch with them completely!'

I think we are survivors - we 'foot people' who post here. We sought help here because of our foot problems, and we have stayed to learn and help and to share our lives with others. We have formed bonds and share common interests and 'as iron sharpens iron', we make each other better in many ways. It's a special 'community' which we belong to here, and it is something that has truly enriched my life in many ways.

So happy holidays to all who post and read here! May the new year bring blessings to us all.

Suzanne :)

Re: Happy Holidays Everybody!!

marie on 12/13/03 at 17:17 (139959)

Merry Christmas, Dorothy!

best wishes marie

Re: Happy Holidays Everybody!!

Ann J. on 12/14/03 at 10:17 (139970)

Merry Christmas to you as well. I thank you for your info. and advice during my short time here. This site has been extremely helpful and all the people are very caring and understanding. Thank you and happy new year as well. Peace Ann

Re: Happy Holidays Everybody!!

Lari S. on 12/14/03 at 17:18 (139996)

That was great Dorothy. It's amazing how your feet hurt so much that your're searching for what ever you can find to help and it ends up bringing such wonderful people in to your life. I wish you all the very best during this holiday season and the new year to come. May your lives be filled with love, laughter, goodness and joy.

Re: Merry Christmas Ya'll

Necee on 12/15/03 at 07:48 (140019)

Thank you Dorothy for your post, and may the spirit of this holy season continue throughout the new year for everyone.

Merry CHRISTmas !!