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Posted by Pauline on 12/16/03 at 09:30 (140072)

Every doctor that has posted here has always used their full last name. Some even use both names like Dr. Jan Rompe.

We acknowledge and know that Dr. Z is indeed Dr. David Zuckerman from his very first post on this web site back in '99. On the other hand we do not know who or if Dr. G is actually a doctor at all.

It's not unusual to misrepresent oneself on the internet. To say it doesn't happen is just not true.

We've had posts from Dr. Reynolds, Dr. Wander, Dr. Reid, Dr. Zuckerman, Dr. Wishie, Dr. Manoli, Dr. Rompe the list goes on and on.

Any lay person posting on this board on a controversial subject is quized and asked who they are and what position they hold especially if the topic is in relationship to ESWT.

Because of the nature of the internet I cannot assume that Dr. G is a Podiatrist without knowing his full name and where his practice is located. This is the defining factor for me.

Re: Observation

Dr. Z on 12/16/03 at 10:20 (140076)

What you say is very important. The only way that I can think of resolving or at least trying to address this is to have posters sign in to this web site. I believe that Dr. Ed's site doesn't something like this.
Will this make this site 100% secure?. No. I do feel that it is very important that we protect the posters from doctors that are fakes. This is most more important then worrying about who works for what ESWT company etc.
I will tell you my gut feeling is that Dr. G is a podiatrist. Why. I guest it the feeling that one podiatrist gets when another podiatrist is in the same room Ha ha

Re: Observation

Dr. G on 12/16/03 at 13:06 (140083)

My first observation is that this board is entitled 'Ask the Foot Doctors' so is Pauline a foot doctor. She seems to be very heavily involved in answering questions here.

My second observation is that she demands that doctors identify themselves immediately even so she essentially remains anonymous. It is not apparent to me that all doctors immediately identify themselves here and I would only do so if I determined this is a 'friendly' site. After looking around the site, I am a bit concerned about getting involved here.

Third, I have made statements of fact that can be verified by checking with official organizations like the APMA. They can be contacted via http://www.apma.org so one does not need immediate proof of my credentials. Pauline's copious postings do not establish any expertise on her part, certainly not more than any other poster unless she is indeed an owner or a professional posting anonymously.
Dr. G

Re: Observation

Dr. Z on 12/16/03 at 13:16 (140084)

Dr. G
I welcome you and I am sure the majority of posters will also. We are always in need of physicians on this web site. As for the Ask the Foot Doctors. Many posters will respond due to the hugh amount of questions being asked and almost impossible to answer with only one or two podiatrist on this site.

Re: Observation

nancy s. on 12/16/03 at 17:10 (140098)

Dr. G's language sure sounds familiar to me. i believe he's been here before, under another name. think really hard! :)


Re: Observation

Dr. Z on 12/16/03 at 17:15 (140100)

Lets see who in the past came with the truth? The problem is this podiatrist would never use another name except his own. So your guess is as good as mine

Re: Observation

Pauline on 12/16/03 at 17:22 (140103)

Was it the word 'consideration' that brought back those memories?

Re: Observation

Richard,CPed on 12/16/03 at 18:46 (140112)

Many of us have been posting here a long time. We only want to protect new as well as current posters on this site. Please do not take offense. There are way to many pranksters out there that only want to start up trouble.

Re: Observation

nancy s. on 12/16/03 at 20:43 (140120)

that and about 15 others.


Re: Observation

Julie on 12/17/03 at 02:34 (140127)

Speaking for myself, Pauline, I think it was probably everything.

Re: Observation

Dr. David S. Wander on 12/17/03 at 13:17 (140142)

I agree with Pauline that if a doctor of any specialty is to post on this site, he/she should also post a last name. 'Dr.G.' states that this may not be a 'friendly' site, but I'm not sure what effect that will have if he/she posts a full name. If a full name is posted, and Dr. G decides to no longer be active on this site, the solution is very simple. Just stop posting as other doctors have in the past. I am not doubting or questioning Dr. G's credentials, but I do believe that a precedent must be set to assure that Dr. A, Dr. B, Dr. C (we already have a Dr. Z) are qualifed to answer questions and are not masquerading as doctors.

I often believe that readers of this site take too much information from this site without REALLY knowing who is giving that information. I have posted my name, office location, etc., in an effort to legitimize my answers, not to attract business. (I have never received any financial benefit to my posting time on this site).

Therefore, Dr. G, if you are a podiatrist or other medical professional, I welcome you to this board and would encourage you to not remain anonymous.

Re: Observation

Pauline on 12/17/03 at 13:43 (140144)

Dr. Wander,
I couldn't agree with you more. No medical personal who has ever posted here has refused to identify themselve or their practice location.
They have always been very honest and forthright with their idenity.

Any new doctor is welcome here, but lets make sure those that use Dr. in front of their name are licenced to practice medicine. I have no problem shortening their name to only an initial, like Dr. Z, but only after their idenity as a doctor has been confirmed.

Re: Observation

Dorothy on 12/17/03 at 14:33 (140145)

Excellent rationale and well said, too.

Re: Observation

Dr. Zuckerman on 12/17/03 at 17:56 (140168)

I am going to use my name . I believe the some one probaby shortened my name years ago and it just fit.

Re: Observation

john king on 12/18/03 at 11:15 (140208)

I think posters here who tell it like it is have credibility. We all know when someone says they can cure PF in three weeks it is probably BS. Those who say surgery is mircle cure are also full of it. If the poster is a doc or not a doc let the reader beware. What I have found frustrating is that there is no quick cure for my foot problems and I get poor explanations from Docs about it. Some want to cut and some just shrugg their shoulders and say 'I can't help you'. 17 years of foot problems is a long time to suffer.

Re: Observation

Dr. G on 12/18/03 at 22:29 (140263)

Listen buddy. I am retired, don't have an office so you can't find me and you can't sue me. I have surfed all over the net without having to give any details about me. So as far as I am concerned call me 'G' instead of Dr. G. Then I should be at least on an equal status with all the anonymous hayseeds giving out advice here. Not using the word 'doctor' in front of their name does not seem to slow any one else down here. At least I know what I am talking about.

It sounds like you have had more docs through here than some small towns. Quite frankly, I don't care who you think I am or if you think I am the Queen of England.

Re: Observation

nancy s. on 12/18/03 at 23:34 (140268)

very well put, dr. wander, and a great approach. thank you.


Re: Observation

Dorothy on 12/19/03 at 01:41 (140280)

Yes, that's who you reminded us of: the Queen of England! She quite often gives excellent advice on feet and foot problems. We have all noticed that she wears low-heeled, sensible shoes. So, I think I will take you up on your offer and I WILL think that you are the Queen of England. Welcome, your majesty, to heelspurs. Just remember that we did whup your little empire a couple hundred years ago and you will have the right perspective for your place in the scheme of things here.

Re: Dr Wander and Dr Z

Julie on 12/19/03 at 02:11 (140288)

Thank you for your post, Dr Wander: it brought welcome rationality into this thread. A serious problem here (which 'Dr G's' extraordinary 'Listen buddy' response to you will probably worsen) is what I sense as an underlying mistrust of doctors. I always encourage new posters to consult a podiatrist for a full examination and diagnosis, instead of relying entirely on an internet website for the answers to their questions, but many seem reluctant to do this - and of course many others have had unsuccessful experiences with their doctors.

I don't see any solution to this situation other than to have more input here from doctors. But that has to mean more doctors. You and Dr Z have practices to run and patients to see, and you can't do it all. Perhaps you two know of colleagues who might be willing to give heelspurs a little of their time?

Just a thought. I'm sure you know that your own contributions are greatly valued and appreciated. Thank you!

Re: Whupping your little empire?

Julie on 12/19/03 at 02:21 (140290)

Dorothy, were you joking? I really hope so!

Re: Dr Wander and Dr Z

Dr. David S. Wander on 12/19/03 at 07:43 (140295)


I did not take 'G's' comment 'listen buddy' as directed towards my post. I believe I was pretty rational and diplomatic in my post to 'Dr. G' and I believe Dr. Zuckerman's post was also diplomatic. IF his comments were directed at me, than he's taken on more than he wants to deal with and is a fool.

Re: Dr Wander and Dr Z

Julie on 12/19/03 at 10:08 (140320)

Dr Wander, it was a response to your post. I checked to make sure. It's difficult to tell, from reading a consecutive thread in which the posts appear in order of posting, who is responding to what. But you can tell from the index.

Scott has now asked us not to respond to any 'not nice' posts of Dr G, so I'm explaining this just to clarify my earlier remark, not to stir your ire, and I hope it won't. You were indeed rational and diplomatic - my point was that there should be more of you here.

Re: Whupping your little empire?

Dorothy on 12/19/03 at 13:43 (140350)

Of course, I was joking. I regret that it might not have been obvious that I was joking. The person to whom I addressed the ribbing had said he/she didn't care if we thought he/she was (were) the Queen of England. I took up the challenge - and made absurdity out of ludicrosity. Sorry, it's just me. I often can't help it.

Re: Dr Wander and Dr Z

Dr. Zuckerman on 12/20/03 at 09:26 (140417)

Hi Julie,
If very hard to get doctors to put the time into this site. Many have come and gone. I always invite the many doctors that I have trained in ESWT. Part of our ESWT reference is heelspurs.com

Re: Dr Wander and Dr Z

Julie on 12/20/03 at 09:51 (140424)

Thanks, Dr Z. Keep inviting! I hope some of them will turn up here some day.

Re: Dr. Wander -- don't take the "bait" and de-escalate

Ed Davis, DPM on 12/21/03 at 15:43 (140497)


Julie is very clever. She never says anything that will get her blocked. but she seems to be always 'waiting in the wings' ready to pour gasoline on a smoldering flame. She appears to be interested in getting you and and Dr. G into an argument. I am glad that you have not let that occurred despite some escalation in the language here.

There have been way too many threads concerning this latest 'affair' dispersed over the boards of the site. I hope that ScottR can see that those threads have appeared to be attempts to escalate things. He is keeping a closer watch on things now.

Looking back into several of the 'tiffs' that I got into on this site, I have to plainly admit that I was foolish enough to take the bait from Julie and a few of her cohorts each time. Julie is an enigma to me as she has an lot of knowledge to contribute but, for some reason, is always waiting and ready to foment discord. She carefully limits her direct involvement but is skilled at getting others to escalate the conflicts. Sorry, but I have seen this happen once to many times and simply want to place notice of my observation. I am not welcome to Julie and her cohorts so I have discontinued regular posting here.

This site needs your participation, that of Dr. Zuckerman and I certainly hope that you can extend the hand of friendship to any other professional who is interested in helping.
Ed Davis, DPM
(email removed)

Re: Dr. Davis ..... that's not de-escalating

Scott R on 12/21/03 at 19:19 (140509)

OK, obviously Dr. Davis had thoughts about Julie's posts he wanted to get off his chest. Since i decided not to block Dr Ed or delete this post, Julie can and maybe should respond. But that should be the last post on this. Friends on both sides should be quite. And let all the friendly neutral people here continue to discuss foot pain. Dr Davis, Julie just mentioned a post and interpreted it the same way as I. Even if you have a point, i think you're referring to things that happened before the time that we decided to 'forgive and forget' (or at least we should have decided). Yes, this weekend i am watching things more closely, and it seems to me you fired the first shot here. Julie's right, it was an extra-ordinary comment by Dr G that seemed pretty clear to be in response to Dr. Ed....maybe Dr Ed didn't realize it possibly because it really was such an extra-ordinary remark.

Re: Scott: my response

Julie on 12/22/03 at 02:53 (140525)

Thank you, Scott, for permission to speak.

Actually, there is some truth in Ed's post about me. I am a clever sticks (a British turn of phrase), though most people who know me would probably use the word 'intelligent', and I myself would prefer it. And I do have knowledge to contribute.

As for the rest, shall I be serious? Yes, I will. Of course I am not going to respond to Ed's ludicrous accusations (though it would have been nice had you not forbidden such friends as I may have to do so). And you were right to let his post stand. Those who know me, and who know the history, can refute it for themselves.

In my post to you the other day I told you what I felt about 'Dr G's' insults to some of your longtime posters (presumably me and my 'cohorts'). Perhaps, if I and others had followed your instructions and kept our thoughts to ourselves, he would have tired of his attempts to stir. But I don't think so, and I spoke out because it's proper to do so when folks are being maligned.

There are situations for which being nice may not be the remedy. In the last few days, the effect of the silence you've imposed on us has been to let some reprehensible garbage - insults, defamation, and character assassination - stand unchallenged; while at the same time you have begun taking your irritation out on people who have long tried to help you protect your website. I don't care about what Ed thinks or says of me, but I do care about that, and about heelspurs.


Re: Scott: my response

nancy s. on 12/22/03 at 09:22 (140543)

the restraint you demonstrated here is admirable, julie, but i don't have the same amount of restraint at the moment. i'm dealing with a very ill father for whom i'm responsible and getting no sleep; people here at heelspurs are dealing with a painful life-altering medical condition and are hard at work trying to find the help they need and/or offering whatever help and knowledge they have to give to those who need it.

today i have little patience for the type of profound nastiness displayed by this doctor, couched in careful rational wording, hiding a vicious grudge that sometimes he reveals in posts under his own name and, more often, using what i recognize as aliases. the nasty but small darts are easily laughed off and ignored, but here, in a lengthy post, he has maligned someone i consider a dear friend and who has been a true friend of this website and the people on it, from oldies to first-time posters, for years.

no doubt, since i am seen as a 'cohort, julie, i am taking the risk of getting maligned again myself. i couldn't care less. it isn't right that this person can post destructive character assassinations and then those who know what you really are -- a knowledgeable giver with much wisdom and a good heart, and more -- are asked to keep quiet. when good people without ulterior motives are maligned as extensively as you were here, i don't keep quiet. sorry, scott; i just don't think that's right. feel free to ban me if you want, but if you do at least my last words are under my own name and i've used them to speak up for one of the many constructive people here.


Re: Scott: my response

W Paine on 12/22/03 at 16:16 (140596)

Restraint couched in typical double-speak. be proud you ran him off and find your next victims

Re: Scott: my response

Pauline on 12/22/03 at 16:46 (140599)

Little Known Facts:

There are only two people that ever used the word's 'ran him off' in their post.

John h. was one of them and he was talking about squirrels. The other one might be the 'nut' that John's squirrels were looking for:*)

A bit of true heelspurs trivia. Patterns it's all about patterns.

Re: Scott: my response

Dr. G on 12/22/03 at 19:45 (140612)

You are acting like a paranoid schizophrenic. You have multiple personalities. You suspect one person of being another. You really shcould consider getting professional help.
Dr. G

Re: Scott: my response

Dr. Zuckerman on 12/22/03 at 19:51 (140613)

Lets get back to feet and helping people. Over the years we have had many ups and downs on this board. Who really cares who Dr. G is . Is he a podiatrist maybe or maybe not. If he is willing to help just do it Dr. G.

Re: contest: Can Dr. Z invite new docs as fast as Julie and Pauline can run them off???

Henry J. on 12/22/03 at 21:43 (140623)

Who will win?
Henry J.

Re: Dr. Z....a foot question and any other docs who wish to answer

marie on 12/23/03 at 10:49 (140664)

I never post here unless I have a question for the doc's.....Scott reminded us of that a few weeks ago. The docs have busy schedules they don't have time to go through all these additional posts.

My question is simple. I have a plantars wart on the bottom of my foot. It seems to be about the size of Montana. What over the counter products work the best?I really don't want to go to a doctor for it until I've tried something simple first.

Re: Dr. Z....a foot question and any other docs who wish to answer

Dr. Z on 12/23/03 at 15:06 (140689)

Use Sal Acid 40%. Use if twice daily. Keep the foot dry when using Sal Acid

Re: contest: Can Dr. Z invite new docs as fast as Julie and Pauline can run them off???

Dr. Zuckerman on 12/23/03 at 16:43 (140694)

Ok. We have a contest. Any bets on Dr. Z. I am a hard worker.

Re: Dr. Z....a foot question and any other docs who wish to answer

marie on 12/23/03 at 17:52 (140696)


Re: contest: Can Dr. Z invite new docs as fast as Julie and Pauline can run them off???

marie on 12/23/03 at 17:54 (140697)

:)):)):))......Dr. Z you crack me up.