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Stress fracture after tendon surgery

Posted by matts on 12/17/03 at 21:00 (140181)

I had peroneal tendon repair surgery in Sept and that area, outside of ankle is feeling pretty good. I am having a lot of pain on outside of foot near the bone, 5th metatarsal i think it is, my pod saw something on xray and then ordered mri to confirm stress fracture in that area. I was put back in boot cast for 6 to 8 weeks, which is actually longer than the 3 weeks i was on crutches after surgery and two weeks in boot. I am to go back in a couple of weeks, but after one week in boot i still have pain, especially after walking some, also considerable swelling on side top of foot area. Is this normal for stress fracture, he said it would be slow, but i thought it would be better than this. I am really tired of boot and want to know if there is any way to speed this up? Anyone had experience with this problem?

Re: Help Re: Stress fracture after tendon surgery

matts on 12/18/03 at 22:02 (140262)

Help I am stuck in 'the Boot' again and can't get out. At least not for long anyway. Is this only way to treat stress fracture on side of foot? Any way to get well quicker? By the time this is well 6 to 8 weeks, I figure I will have been on crutches for 2 1/2 months and in walking boot for 8 months out of the last 3 years. I have had tendonitis, pf, arch pain and now stress fracture.

Re: Help Re: Stress fracture after tendon surgery

Dr. Z on 12/19/03 at 15:50 (140360)

Why are you getting all of these problems. Have you been evaluated for any systemic disease or ruled out any bone density problems. The only way to treat a stress fracture is with rest and a cast.

Re: Help Re: Stress fracture after tendon surgery

matts on 12/19/03 at 21:49 (140388)

Thanks Dr Z. I have had blood tests over the last several years, including a trip to rheumatologist and nothing has ever shown up. I have never talked about bone density with anyone. I am overweight, but never had problems before this started. Will stress fracture heal without using crutches? I would like to avoid that at least. When you say cast is boot cast just as effective? Thanks again.