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bone spur on heel

Posted by Shale L. on 12/17/03 at 23:11 (140183)

I have a bone spur behind my achiles tendon which hurts and causes a burning sensation. The pain makes me favor my left leg which now shows signs of pain due to favoring it over the one with a bone spur. I have used the new New Balance shoes which help me get along in my lifes chores.
Has anyone had success with shock waves to break up the spur. Any suggestions other than change of diet are welcome.

Re: bone spur on heel

Dr. Zuckerman on 12/17/03 at 23:33 (140184)


I have used ESWT for chronic insertional achilles tendonitis since 1999.
It is an excellent treatment modality. If you would like additional information about this procedure you can e-mail Dr. Zuckerman at (email removed) and I will send you our informational packet. Feel free to ask any questions