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Front foot/Metatarsal region pain

Posted by Rachael T. on 12/18/03 at 11:58 (140210)

I have had PF for nearing 3 yrs. as you know....I am wondering....as it now seems that my extreme knife-like pain in the heel has long been gone...but I am now left w/ burning & bruise like pain from time to time (w/ setbacks) in my metatarsal area....maybe where the fascia forks out & connects to the toes?? & yes, I had extreme pain there way back when PF first began along with the overall foot & heel pain. I keep telling myself this is maybe how it came initially - & this is how it is departing (hopeful!!) Anyway,does anyone have this situation too? ~ Or if 1 of the drs. could shed light on this please?

Re: Front foot/Metatarsal region pain

SteveG on 12/18/03 at 12:54 (140215)

Ya, Rachael I have this too. When I last saw Dr. Davis he diagnosted it as distal PF. The PF puts strain on the whole fascia. In fact, when I press on
the area it is tender to the touch. We were talking about low energy ESWT as a possible off-label treatment; oh, but if I were a millionare I would become the king of shockwave therapy. He did make an adjustment in my orthodics, but I don't know if it helped.

Re: Front foot/Metatarsal region pain

AndrueC on 12/19/03 at 08:54 (140309)

I had this for a couple of months as well. It seemed like every day another part of my forefoot had got bruised. I even found that wearing a compression sock overnight caused pain between my big toe's second joint and the next toe along. It wasn't even as if the sock was particularly tight since it barely left a mark in the skin.

It's now been a couple of months since I felt regular bruising but I can still trigger the feeling if I put too much pressure in one place. Yesterday when putting my Birks on I stepped on the back edge and that made me say something my mother wouldn't approve of ;-/

Thankfully the pain was short lived but proves that even though I'm now fully mobile my feet are still not healed.

On the way back to my desk earlier today I felt a brief twinge infront of my left heal. I guess that all these kind of minor twinges will eventually stop completely. Six months after /that/ I might consider myself healed. Perhaps. Maybe :)

Re: Front foot/Metatarsal region pain

AndrueC on 12/19/03 at 08:56 (140310)

Gah! I hate that. I typed 'heal' instead of 'heel'. Bah. My apologies to anyone else who hates seeing that.

Re: Front foot/Metatarsal region pain

Jen L on 12/20/03 at 18:49 (140445)

I have a similar situation on my metatarsal region too. I did not have it when I first had acute heel pains. It started about a year into P.F. It's like a soar/hot feeling around the ball of the feet -less intense than 'burning' pain perhaps, but I guess sometimes we may call it burning.
I was worried about it, and I asked the pod. recently. He said if it's on the whole area of the ball of the foot, it's not a nerve related problem, and he thinks there are two reasons for it:
1) I still have heel pain, and I tend to put more pressure on the forefoot than on the heel when walking;
2) My feet are skinny-not much fat pad to sustain the pressure.
Well, I am not completely convinced by him, but I like his conclusion that this is not a sign of a TTS or RSD.
Do you have skinny feet too?
I may have to find a magic way to fatten up the feet without gaining too much elsewhere.