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Steve G.

Posted by Rachael T. on 12/18/03 at 13:17 (140219)

Geesh, Steve--you & I seem to be on the same 'footpath' of pain & symptoms. I ask you this: Does your metatarsal pain seem in any particular region? Sometimes,I think mine is below my pinkie toe - & then other times, it is in my 2nd toe next to the great toe. Where is yours? I too have sent my Foot Management orth. back to Phys. Therapist & they are sending back to company for an adjustment of less arch - to take pressure off of front of foot....is that what they did w/ your orth. adjustment? I am full of questions - but I constantly (as you & others here) TRY to heal thyself & at least not extend this to thyself for longer than necessary! Are you still wearing Brooks? W/ or w/o orthotics? I am wearing Brooks - but seem better now with orth. in them....but that could change again! (-; I await your reply.

Re: Steve G.

SteveG on 12/18/03 at 14:26 (140224)

Rachael - I have it behind all the toes, except the pinkie, and like most of my PF symptoms it comes and goes. I think part of it could be due to atrophy of the muscles. I cannot, for example, bend my big toe very far forward; it feels 'stiff'. If fact, the whole area (fascia) used to feel quite stiff but the ESWT and the foottrainer seemed to help in that regard. When you feel under your feet, you can feel a place behind the toe where the metatarsal is located. My pain is right where the fasica inserts into the metatarsal. I also have a more defuse pain in the forefoot.

I would say that most of the discomfort is located behind the 2nd toe next to the great toe and the one next to it. I cannot recall what Dr. Davis said about the change to my orthodic - he put a 'wedge' on the bottom of them right in front of the arch. I am wearing my brooks today. I swear they feel more comfortable, but I hesitate to wear them too much since everyone agrees that you need the support the orthodics provide.