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Night splint & Morton's neuroma

Posted by chrisb on 12/18/03 at 16:55 (140237)

Dear Doctors -
I'm a PF sufferer, for 3 years I've dorsiflexed at night by propping my foot against a wall, which seemed to work fine.
3 weeks ago I started using a proper night splint. It woke me up nearly every night with pain across the metatarsals, but I persevered. Since 5 days ago I;ve developed an electrical twinge in my 3rd toe when I put weight on forefoot. I fear this may be beginning of Mortons. I've ditched the night splint.
What should I do to avoid making it worse?
Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Night splint & Morton's neuroma

Dr. David S. Wander on 12/19/03 at 07:45 (140296)

If you have a neuroma, a night splint can increase the symptoms. Dorsiflexing the toes causes the neuroma to be 'trapped' against the transverse metatarsal ligament, therefore aggravating the condition. You may want to decrease the amount of dorsiflexion, but more importantly you should have it checked out by your doctor.

Re: Night splint & Morton's neuroma

Kathy G on 12/20/03 at 10:06 (140427)


I'm not a doctor but I do have Morton's Neuroma. It is almost non-existent if I wear orthotics. I ordered a night splint a couple of months ago, and had to stop using it for the reasons Dr. Wander mentioned. No matter how much I decreased the dorsiflexion, it still aggravated the neuroma.

So, as a layperson with a similar condition, I just want to let you know I had the same results with the night splint.