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Steve G.

Posted by Rachael T. on 12/18/03 at 19:44 (140248)

Thanx for the replies....more info, more learning, equals more knowing! Yes, I too have those same areas of pain - mine also is 2nd & 3rd toe next to great---then, I kinda skip that next toe as far as pain is concerned & below the pinky on ball of foot is painy. hmmm! I today, (since my orth. are out to be adjusted) put on Powersteps w/ my Brooks....& I shopped in the mall today -- Hmm, I hope tomorrow's feet are OK....now, last night, my front foot pain would not have allowed me to shop -- so -- just as yours, it comes & goes & I yet cannot tie it to exact actions. I often think riding/stirrup pressure or just boot wearing....?? I posted in Ask the Dr. board...anxious to see their replies; maybe their reply will help you & I & maybe some others too!