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Posted by Ron B on 12/18/03 at 20:24 (140252)

I just had my son tape my feet, the way Scott shows in his book. I've been walking around the house for about a hour. it does help! How may hours can I expect relief before the tape stretches ( or does whatever it does) before I would have to re tape? I know that different people will have different results. any problem with tape pulling off skin ? I would appreciate any input pro or con from you tapers. thanks
Ron B

Re: Taping

R C on 12/19/03 at 00:27 (140271)

I can only speak for myself. I can tape once in the morning and enjoy its effects all day. It took a a few weeks and a lot of trial and error to get the amount of tension just right. Once or twice a year a patch of skin comes off when I rip the tape off, but it hasn't been a problem (it's always just the top layer). After a while, the skin became (not unpleasantly) tough, which helps.

Taping has worked very well for me. I think I am almost cured. (A separate report is forthcoming. Maybe mid January.) It might help to stretch the foot out right before apllying fresh tape.

Re: Taping

Julie on 12/19/03 at 01:40 (140279)

Ron, it depends on the quality of the tape that you're using. I think I've already recommended Leuko tape to you - have you found a supply? It holds its tension indefinitely: I can tell you that I have walked all day up and down hills without any discernible change in the tension, and no lack of support. (This was after my PF had gone, and while I was still taping.)

I think I've also said that Leuko tape, a medical tape, is probably safer for the skin than the industrial tapes, such as duct tape.

Remove tape slowly, pulling it carefully back from the ball of the foot to the heel, to avoid removing skin. Tape WILl remove skin if it's ripped off quickly, so be gentle.

I'm glad you're experimenting with taping and hope you will find it as helpful as I did. I'm sure that it was an important factor in my healing: it doesn't just lessen pain, it actually rests the fascia, giving it a chance to repair.

Re: Taping

Dorothy on 12/19/03 at 01:57 (140286)

Please forgive but I am butting in to your nice post to Ron to comment. I have looked and looked (or leuked and leuked) for Leuko tape, online and in the few stores I thought were good possibilities, to no avail.

Julie, perhaps you could use your influence with Scott R., webmaster here, so that perhaps he would add Leuko tape and perhaps an additional brand/type of tape to his inventory of products for sale. I think many people would find that an appealing addition.

Yes, I guess I'm 'meddling' again!

Re: Taping

Julie on 12/19/03 at 02:19 (140289)

That's a good idea, Dorothy, but I don't think I have influence with Scott: what he sells is up to him (and I think he likes duct tape). But Leuko tape is available on line: if you do a google search you'll find hundreds of sites, mostly in Germany which is where the tape is made, by Beiersdorf. But here is one American link:

http://dicountmedicalproducts.com/Leuko tape-P-Sports- Tape-/

and John H posted another site several times a couple of years ago, where he obtained Leuko tape. I never bookmarked the url, because it's easy to buy it here in England, but if John sees this perhaps he will post it again.

Re: Taping

Rick R on 12/19/03 at 07:05 (140291)


I use duct tape (Nashua 11 mil contractor grade) but don't allow the adhesive to come in direct contact with my skin. I use a form of pre-wrap prior to taping. I can also go all day on one taping but, depending on what I'm doing, I may put another layer on by mid day. It is still a bit of a challenge for my skin because I tape around the ankle over skin not used to being walked on, at least now it's used to being taped over.


Re: Taping

nancy s. on 12/19/03 at 08:12 (140304)

dorothy, here's another link where you can order leuko tape online. it's a great tape:

http://www.rehabshopper.com/xcart/customer/search.php?xid=108716ab8b9388c0b9d22f0800432627&substring=leuko tape


Re: Taping

Ron B on 12/19/03 at 17:10 (140366)

Thanks to all that responed to my post. I would consider my first day of taping a success !!! I felt little or no pain the first six hours of work (standing in one place) then the pain got to about a three in my left foot (my bad one) and just a touch of pain in the right foot. I used a sports tape. I do have lots of duck tape. I might give that a try. Julie I will look into the Leuok tape.
Some people have mentioned a second layer. is that put on say in the middle of the day to support the first layer? might use duck tape for that. Thanks ALL! Once again you have been very helpful