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To Julie re your recent response to Scott

Posted by Dorothy on 12/19/03 at 15:46 (140359)

Julie ~ Even though you only included a small cadre of people in your list whom you consider to be helpful on this website - and, frankly, I think that attitude has been part of a problem at times - nonetheless, I do agree with the gist of the rest of your post on this subject. I fully agree with your last statement and have quite often found the webmaster's reactions and statements to be bizarre.(my word, not yours) Your list omitted the names of many people who are actually quite helpful here in many different ways and I don't want to see them omitted simply because you have an - understandable - special loyalty to the so-called 'old-timers.' There are other 'old-timers' and 'new-comers' who are VERY helpful in a wide variety of ways.
I have posted and read here for quite a while now and during that time most of Wendy's posts say that she doesn't visit the website very often and speak of the fact that - well - she doesn't visit the website very often. You - and others - have a historical experience of Wendy's posts, I understand that, but in contemporary terms, how is it helpful to come on and say that you don't visit the website? To be fair, that is not ALL that Wendy posts and I always appreciate her posts that are more substantive than 'I don't visit here'. But you included Wendy on your list while omitting many who visit often and are participative and are helpful. Aly, whom you didn't mention - for just one example - is very responsive and considerate in her posts. There are Rachel, Steve, Brian, RichardCPed, John H., Marie and many others. I am sorry to be nit-picking about this, but I do think that a sort of 'inner circle' tone has been off-putting to some here, as it has to me. In fact, I think that one of the healing aspects of this website - one that I have never seen acknowledged - is the boost that one gets from being acknowledged as having HELPED another person. I think it is one of the most important reasons that many people, especially those who are no longer in an acute stage of pain, come here and post. They are either 'in the wars' or have 'survived the wars' and either way, their names should not be left off 'the monument.' I do truly hope that neither you nor Wendy take any offense at my words; none is intended and I value highly what you both offer here. This is just something that I have felt from time to time and thought this a good time to say it. Other than that,I agree fully with the rest of your post and thought it made some very important points on the subject.

Re: To Julie re your recent response to Scott

Julie on 12/19/03 at 16:10 (140363)

Sorry, Dorothy, I meant to say, and should have said, 'etc' at the end of my brief list of oldtimers (i.e. people who have been around for years). I didn't mean to offend anyone. I take your point.

Re: To Julie re your recent response to Scott

Julie on 12/19/03 at 16:50 (140365)

I would add that 'oldtimers' was Scott's term, not mine: the short list was for him. Everybody here is helpful, and I repeat, no offense was intended to anybody not mentioned.

I also want to say something about Wendy. You haven't been here that long, and you do not know the history, but Wendy has been by far the most knowledgeable and helpful poster here on the topic of TTS. When I first arrived I was mind-boggled by the clarity and authority of her posts. Her FAQ on TTS is a brilliant source of information (I'm not sure if it's still there: I hope it is). She works full time and is now additionally a practically full time student, all on top of her responsibilities to her husband and sons. It's astonishing that she manages to look in here at all. I'm always glad to see her name over a post, and if she wants to mention whenever she does post that she can only look in occasionally, that doesn't worry me.

Re: To Julie re your recent response to Scott

Pauline on 12/19/03 at 19:58 (140374)

I happen to think you were right on target with your post to Scott. I have never emailed Scott about anything or anyone, but I have to say if he accepts the labeling of people who have been here for years 'pitbulls' and salutations to one of our respected doctors 'Hey Buddy' I've lost some respect for him.

If anyone cares to go back and read my original post they will find that I merely answered Quincy's question about the education requirement for Orthopedic Surgeon. Dr. Z did not supply it in his response so I provide him with the information. Every word is true.

The educational requirements as posted came from 4 different medical schools and the American Medical Association.

I posted the requirement to become a licensed practicing Orthopedic Surgeon no more, no less.

My second post to Quency began with this statement:
'Quince, No one here will ever settle the on going discussion about 'Who is best' to treat a foot condition, an Orthopedist who specilizes in Foot and Ankle or Sports Medicine or a Podiatrist. This decision is best left up to the individual seeking the treatment because 'Who is best' is really arbitrary subject to individual judgement.

and ended with this one:
'I think the important thing for you to remember is that you always have a choice whether it's in foot care or your heart. Begin with a doctor of your own choosing and if you are not comfortable seek opinions from others until you find that perfect match. Education matters, so does experience,technique and the procedures being performed.

The 'best' doctors are out there, but its up to each of us to find who we consider the 'best'.

For the record, Quency was provided with correct information and told he had choices. He drew his own conclusions.

Personally I feel sorry for Quency. He asked a simple question which doesn't have a simple answer, but he is entitled to see both sides of the coin.

Re: To Julie re your recent response to Scott

Julie on 12/20/03 at 03:34 (140406)

Thanks, Pauline. I didn't expect support, and didn't even want it, but it's nice to know it's there. In a way I hoped no-one would comment, because I really didn't want it to escalate, and am glad it hasn't. I was simply saying what I thought to Scott. It takes much to make me angry, but as I said yesterday, 'there are some things up with which I will not put'. Being called, or hearing my friends called, a 'pit bull', or a 'hayseed', or a 'self-righteous individual with a fragile ego' (and less than honourable motives), is one of them. If Scott really cares about his website, and I'm sure he must, he could do worse than appreciate the efforts of his 'old-timers' to protect the high standards he speaks of.

I'd rather not get into the controversy about the education of podiatrists and orthopaedic surgeons: I don't know enough about it. I think I understood that you were trying to restore a balance, but maybe it had the opposite effect because your post about orthos was so detailed and so much longer than Dr Z's original one about podiatrists. I have always agreed with you about choices, and about the need to take responsibility for our choices and our health.

Happy Christmas! I hope it will be, for us all.

Re: To Julie re your recent response to Scott

Dr. Zuckerman on 12/20/03 at 18:57 (140446)

Julie I will keep it simple because sometimes that is the best answer. A podiatrist is superior to an orthpedic surgeon in training when it comes to the the treatment of plantar fasciitis. This is just a fact. It has nothing to do with length of education. I will give the same analogy that I gave on the post . Who would you rather have treat you cavity a dentist or an orthopedic surgeon? A dentist treats a cavity everyday and has years of training in the treatment of cavities . A podiatrist treats plantar fasciitis every day and has years of training in plantar fasciitis. An orthopedic surgeon has very little training in the treatment of pf. I guess if I used this analogy there would never have been a Dr. G threat

Re: To Julie re your recent response to Scott

John H on 12/20/03 at 22:06 (140453)

Dr. Z: Would you say the same thing about an Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon? These guys and girls treat only the foot and surely must see the same thing you do every day.

Re: To Dr Z

Julie on 12/21/03 at 03:30 (140461)

Dr Z, I do understand all this. I didn't want to restart the argument: that's why I told Pauline I 'don't know enough about it'. I know enough about it to advise every new poster to whose question about foot pain I respond to see a podiatrist. But as I've been brought in, I will say that I felt Pauline was right to set out the training requirements for orthopaedic surgeons. Quincy had asked his question about both professions, and your answer was only about podiatrists. (This isn't a criticism: I know you are a busy doctor with lots more to do than write long detailed posts in response to people's questions on a message board.) Pauline filled in the gap, and a controversy ensued. I hope it is over now.

I like your analogy - but if only fixing plantar fasciitis was as simple as filling a cavity!

Re: To Julie re your recent response to Scott

Dr. Zuckerman on 12/21/03 at 11:06 (140476)

Good question.
I really don't know. Most of the foot and ankle orthopedic surgeons that I come in contact with treat congential deformities in children and in adults
Club feet, reconstruction of flat feet and cavus feet. The largest foot and ankle group in my area has a podiatrist with them who treats plantar fascitis for them and I was the one that trained this podiatirst. So what a foot and ankle specialist treats is going to depend on his training and really what areas of the feet he or she wants to treat.. This is really the same thing for podiatrist. There are podiatrists that I work with that do flat foot surgery, ankle implants, ankle arthroscopy. One more example is that if orthopedic doc who trained with Dr. Baxer are going to more interest and expertise then orther who didn't.
If is still very important that the patient find out what types of foot problems the podiatrist or orthopedic doc treat. If you had to guess you will find that when it comes to plantar fasciitis the podiatrist ususally is the doctor to see because that is what he treats.

Re: To Dr Z

Dr. Zuckerman on 12/21/03 at 11:15 (140479)

Plantar fasciitis should be as easy as fixing a cavity !!!. I guess we need more education ( just joking). We need something

Re: Give me a break

wendyn on 12/21/03 at 17:00 (140500)


I have no idea what this thread involves me or what I've done to offend Dorothy. I've been adding my little disclaimer about not being here often - because I'm not keeping up on many things in my life. This board is only one of the things I've neglected. I feel bad that I can't be here often - and I usually feel obligated to point out that I haven't read many of the posts that may be related to a thread.

True, I'm a little busy with several courses, parenting, and working 50 hours a week - but I still have feet that hurt, and friends on this board. So - I try to pop in here from time to time.

I used to be around to provide lots of support and encouragement to people on this board - not so much in the last year or so.


I've also been distracted by hubby's health. We are waiting to find out if the tumour they've found in his bladder is malignant. (They strongly suspect that it is).

Then I come here to find out that since I haven't been posting frequently enough - I've somehow become more of an annoyance to someone.

Too bad I don't have the time or energy to care.

Re: Give me a break

marie on 12/21/03 at 17:44 (140502)


I don't have a clue what some of this is about but I'm glad to hear from you anytime. We are all amazed by your ability to keep it together. I am sooo sorry to hear about your hubby. Please keep us informed. I will keep him in my prayers.

best wishes marie

Re: bladder cancer and vit C

Scott R on 12/21/03 at 18:49 (140507)

bladder cancer may be the best-treatable cancer by vitamin C. 3,000 to 10,000 mg 4 times a day especially before chemo should help. Lifespan on 7 vitamin patients taking 3,000 mg 3 times a day averaged almost 4 years longer than the 70 controls. Reference: 'Vitamin C and Cancer' by Ewan Cameron and Linus Pauling 1979, p136.

I would also start 70,000 IU vitamin A, 1,200 IU vitamin D, 600 mcg selenium, and 1,600 all divided into 3 doses a day.


100 to 150 ml 8 times a day of 20% urea by catheter has been reported to be 'successful' in inoperable bladder cancer. 'Alternatives in cancer therapy' by ross pelton p167.

Re: Give me a break

nancy s. on 12/21/03 at 19:54 (140510)

wendy, not that you asked for it, but just a note of appreciation from me: tons of people, old and new, have plenty to offer here. i've seen just about everything you, for one, have contributed here, and the number of people you've helped has to be countless.

since i am one of them, i just want to say thank you. after my very first post here, four years ago, your response played a major role in my canceling the ill-conceived EPF surgery my podiatrist had planned for me. my gratitude for this is too strong for words. (you also laughed along with me at my initial sorry attempts to successfully navigate stores in a scooter! and i hadn't laughed in quite a while.)

obviously the medical situation with your husband must make this a frightening time for you. i hope he has the best possible outcome of this unwelcome journey, and i'll be thinking of you.


Re: bladder cancer and vit C

Pauline on 12/21/03 at 20:50 (140514)

There has also been research reporting a beneficial relationship between mega doses of Vit.C and Kidney stone formation.

Re: Give me a break

Pauline on 12/21/03 at 21:20 (140515)

I've very sorry to hear about your husband's condition and will certainly add your family to my prayer list. I hope his report will be better than expected.

Please do not think my post about Vit C and Kidney stones rude or uncaring. I didn't read this thread from the beginning. I saw Scott's post first and thought he was simply giving us information. I had been reading about Vit. C and stone formation so I added the information to his post.

Obviously it shouldn't be connected to your post, but rather to Scott's Vit. C. information.

I'm certainly sorry if it offended you in anyway. It was never intended to do so.

Know that we are all here to support you in anyway that we can as you both deal with this difficult situation.

Re: Give me a break

wendyn on 12/21/03 at 22:05 (140517)

Thanks Marie. I was keeping everything together (reasonably well) until about 10 days ago when we got this news. I already felt like I was at a maximum stress breaking point, and now I'm just simply so far passed it that I can't even comprehend how to begin to have my nervous breakdown.

One day at a time....

Re: bladder cancer and vit C

wendyn on 12/21/03 at 22:07 (140518)

Thank you Scott. I will add this to my list of suggestions for him (that he will probably ignore). I have already suggested green tea and vitamin e, but he seems to view alternative medicine with the same disdain as he would view asking for directions or reading an instruction manual.

Re: Give me a break

wendyn on 12/21/03 at 22:14 (140520)

Of course Pauline -no offense taken.

(Although I'm obviously easy to offend lately...little on the 'sensitive' side as it would seem)

Actually, his kidney stones are the reason they found this tumour (thank God for small miracles).

About a month ago he had some intense pain in his back, and then had blood in his urine. He had a kidney stone 5 years ago (almost to the day) so we knew what it was.

The doctor did some xrays, and I suspect they must have seen something odd on the xray. They followed up with an ultrasound of kidneys, bladder, liver, abdomen, spleen.....and I did think it was odd at the time that they were examining his entire abdominal cavity.

The ultrasound showed 2 kidney stones on the left side (10 mm and 7 mm) and one on the right (5 mm). In addition, they found a 1 cm 'nodule' in his bladder that appears 'highly suspicious for malignancy'.

So, if in fact it is cancerous - it is very positive that they have found it so soon. It appears to be just sitting there all by itself (does not appear to have spread).

Our appt with the specialist is Jan 28 (no - don't get me started on the wait time).

I realize that this form of cancer is very treatable if caught early...but I am very concerned with his overall health the last 2 months. He is inexplicably tired, so I really hope it's just the after effects of the flu.

Re: Give me a break

wendyn on 12/21/03 at 22:16 (140521)

Thanks Nancy. I have the better part of the next 2 weeks off, so I hope to catch up on many of the things I've been neglecting.

I'm still trying to set aside one day to just watch movies in the dark and do a really good job of feeling sorry for myself. I really need to get that out of my system, but I've had a hard time finding the time to just get it done.

Re: Give me a break

Julie on 12/21/03 at 22:29 (140524)

Wendy, I am terribly sorry to hear about your husband's illness. I'm praying for you and for him. These things are always worse for the partner: I know it from when I had cancer: I always thought (though of course he denied it) that it was harder for Klaus than it was for me.

Have courage: bladder cancer (if he has it - you don't know yet) is treatable. I have a lovely student who has been dealing with it for several years and is doing well.

And please know that you are loved and respected here, not just for all you've done to help others,over years, but for yourself. Your intelligence, humour, clear-sightedness and general no-nonsense approach to life are greatly valued and irreplacable. I've learned a lot from you, and so have countless others.

Take care, love to you,


Re: Give me a break

Kathy G on 12/22/03 at 08:52 (140534)


I can only add my hopes and prayers that you will receive good news on your husband's condition. I can't even imagine how difficult this is for you and the wait is almost inhumane. You're right; we won't even get started on that subject!

Thank goodness you have your children to keep you both occupied over the holidays, and that you have some time off from school.

Take care, have as happy a holiday as possible and know that the whole entire Board is thinking and praying for you and your family!

Re: Give me a break

Rick R on 12/22/03 at 09:45 (140547)


I will keep your husband, you and your family in my prayers. As you know things got a wee bit hectic for me in the last couple of years. It's funny to discover that some folks in various venues seem to resent the fact that others don't get to come out and play much as they do. As if we all fit in their frame of reference. Sporatic participation just isn't always accepted by all.


Re: Give me a break

marie on 12/22/03 at 10:31 (140551)


Hang in there. Life can be so unfair. There are some very broad shoulders here that you can cry on if needed. We are all praying for you and your family.


Re: Give me a break

wendyn on 12/22/03 at 11:27 (140555)

Thanks Rick - and you have a good Christmas in my favorite American city!

Re: Give me a break

BevN. on 12/22/03 at 12:35 (140565)

I just read about your husbands health condition and I am so very sorry for your stresses at this time. I just wanted to let you know that I will have you on my prayer list and I pray that his tumor is benign and he is soon on his way to good health. Embrace the love of your family, friends, and God, and allow them to help you through this time of stress in your life. Bev

Re: Give me a break

wendyn on 12/22/03 at 13:09 (140568)

Thanks Kathy and Bev (and whoever else I missed).

The support here is most welcome, especially since we have decided not to tell most of our family about the doctor's findings. I've only told a few close friends and a few people at work. The work folks needed to know so that they would be able to be able to understand my frame of mind right now.

Personally, I think that during times of stress - people become much more 'themselves'. Deep down, I am an extreme type A personality. More of an A+ I think. As I've matured, I've had to work at learning things like patience and tolerance. On a good day, I'd say I've mellowed sufficiently to disguise myself as maybe an A- or a B+.

But, under stress - I seem to lose any ability to be patient or understanding. Compassion and support go out the window, and the lovely Napoleon/Margaret Thatcher aspects of my ENTJ personality take over.

Needless to say, I felt I owed my project manager at work an explanation.

We've chosen not to tell our parents or our kids, at least until after Christmas...and maybe not until after we get the official results (probably February.)

Re: Give me a break

john h on 12/22/03 at 13:54 (140575)

Ron Santo the famous ex Cub 3rd baseman and current radio announcer had surgery for cancer of the bladder some months ago. He has had diabetes since he was a teen and played professional basball at the highest level for around 15 years. He seems to be doing very well and expects to be back in the broadcast booth next year. On top of this he has had both his legs amputated below the knees and he is the picture of optimism every time you hear or see him. From my readings on cancer of the bladder it is highly curable. Hope it is just some polyups and assume they just reach those with a scope for quick analysis. As for the stones I have had two. Both happened on a Saturday night about midnight 3 years apart. One passed on its on and the other they had to use Lithotripsy. That was the worst pain I have ever experienced. They tried Oxycontin which did nothing. Morphine was the only thing that controlled the pain until the stone was removed.My best to you and your Husband Wendy.

Re: bladder cancer and vit C

john h on 12/22/03 at 14:04 (140578)

The biggest thing you can do to prevent stones is water water water and more water so says my urologist and all I read. I was reading about some people who produce hundreds of kidney stones. I have no idea how they survive.

Re: Give me a break

nancy s. on 12/22/03 at 14:17 (140584)

any time you need to unload, wendy, i think here would be a good place to do it. as you know, this is an understanding group, to put it mildly.

the limbo phase of a medical crisis is probably the hardest phase of all, do you think? i'm terrible at it, even though i'm an INFP! i'm so sorry you have to wait for results and carry so much of the worry quietly (though i have no doubt you're wise to try to do that).

my husband will do a special buddhist prayer/practice for you and your husband at his group tomorrow night.

thinking of you,


Re: bladder cancer and vit C

Pauline on 12/22/03 at 16:16 (140595)

And when you think you've had enough drink some more. Doctors usually like their stone patients to put out 2 liters of urine a day. I think that means you've got to take in more than that to get rid of that amount.

I read one report that said drink half your body weight in water measured in ml. They use the saying 'a running stream catches no silt.'

I've never consumed that much water during one day, but I bet it helps to control one's weight. How can you be hungry with all that water filling your tummy?

Re: Give me a break

Julie on 12/22/03 at 16:19 (140597)

Nancy is right, Wendy: the 'limbo time', before you have an accurate diagnosis, is by far the worst. Once you know what you're dealing with, you deal with it. I say this not just from my own experience. I've been working with cancer patients for five years now, and every one of them has said the same thing. The pre-diagnosis wait is the hardest time to get through: every minute feels like an hour, every hour like a day, every day like a week.

I don't think it matters what 'type' you are, A or B, plus or minus; INPF like me and Nancy, or E-something like you. Everyone reacts pretty much the same. Everyone is on a short fuse - and is entitled to be. It's just bloody tough. So be good to yourself while you're waiting it out, and come here for shoulders and sounding-boards.

Hoping for a good outcome, and praying for you.


Re: Give me a break

SuzanneK on 12/22/03 at 21:25 (140621)

Wendy, I have always appreciated your sense of humor and grace in the face of great pain. I am sure that you underplay how difficult your life must be with your foot problems. Adding this worry to your already high level of stress cannot be easy. I wish you and your family good news at the next appointment. Waiting to hear is the most difficult part . . .

Re: Give me a break

Suzanne D. on 12/22/03 at 22:57 (140634)

Me, too, Wendy. I am afraid you might have missed my good wishes to you in an earlier post which was not in this thread, so I'll say it again here. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband at this time. [-o<

Suzanne :)

Re: Give me a break

wendyn on 12/22/03 at 23:02 (140637)

Sorry Suzanne...thought I caught everybody. I do appreciate the support very much. Things are better right now than they were last week. But, as everyone said, the waiting is tough.

I had about 2 weeks to be worried about my own health since my visit to the specialist - but I've pretty much forgotten all about those concerns.

Funny how it's all relative.

Re: Give me a break

Julie on 12/23/03 at 01:35 (140644)

Hey Wendy, what about me? I've written you two posts on this thread - three, if you count my championing of you to Dorothy the other day - and you haven't thanked me, not even once. Tsk. I am deeply wounded.

Actually, I just felt like doing a little buckering. Might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb. (That should have been bickering, but it looks like a nice new word so I'll leave it.)

Someone said yesterday that you've done well not to share your concerns with your families, and I'm sure that is right. Once people are aware of your problems, you have to cope with THEIR emotions; and unless they are unusually grownup and supportive, it just gives you more to deal with. I wold say that keeping it contained, except for people who really have to know (such as your work friends who need to know why you're on a short fuse) is a good move.

I'm glad things are better this week.

Thinking of you,


Re: Give me a break

wendyn on 12/23/03 at 09:10 (140660)

Julie - I do like the bukering phrase. I thought it was British.

It seems that in my effort to thank - I have underthanked where you overthanked. It IS a thankless job.

I don't think a simple thank you is really sufficient to someone who has patiently patted me on the head over the years and supported me through all my majore crises (sp?).

I hope it's okay to say here Julie, but I'll take the risk even if it's not:

Two years ago, I had my own cancer scare which I did not write about on the board. All is well now, but at the time - I was terrified and I felt very alone.

Julie kept me sane by email, and even mailed me one of her meditation/relaxation tapes from England (I've never had a package from England before - my husband couldn't figure out who I had met from there!!)

Although, for reasons that I only partially understand, some people find these 'off the board' friendships threatening - my friendship with Julie has been a great source of comfort and support.

Anyway, I have to go shopping, to the gym, pick up a friend, take the kids skating (of course - I don't skate), make dinner, and babysit my brother's kids tonight (3 and 5)...so I can't dawdle any longer.

All of you have a great Christmas...especially you Julie!!!!!!

Re: Give me a break

Carole C in NOLA on 12/23/03 at 11:36 (140668)

Wendy, I just this second 'discovered' this part of the thread and read about your husband's health concerns. Between that and your own health enigma I would imagine that you must be on pins and needles lately.

NOBODY, cancer and personal tragedies or not, should feel compelled to post on the board more than they feel that they can. And also I don't think anybody's past accomplishments on the message board should be considered diminished simply because they cut back on posting for a while.

I am so sorry that you are going through all of this right now. Take care, keep warm, keep bugging those doctors for some answers, and post when you can. I'll be wishing for the best of all possible outcomes for both you and your husband.

Carole C

Re: Give me a break

Carole C in NOLA on 12/23/03 at 11:39 (140669)

Pauline, thanks for the info on Vitamin C and kidney stones. My 25 year old daughter had very painful kidney stones last year, and maybe this will help her to not develop new ones. I'll also suggest more water.

Carole C

Re: Give me a break

Suzanne D. on 12/23/03 at 11:47 (140672)

Yes, Wendy, I understand about everything being relative.

And, please, I did not mean my post above to seem as if I was feeling left out of being thanked by you. That never crossed my mind. I just was sorry I had made a general post the other day in a rush and mentioned your husband's concerns but didn't put it in the thread you begun. Then I felt badly, afraid that you didn't see it and thought I wasn't concerned for you.

I've also been thinking about your health concerns and wondering if you've found out anything further.

I wish you a worry-free Christmas, Wendy, and blessings in the new year.

Suzanne :)

Re: Give me a break

wendyn on 12/23/03 at 19:25 (140707)

No Suzanne - I have not heard back yet on my appointment with the specialist. I will check in with them after Christmas.

The crisis of the day is my 18 year old. He has been sick on and off since Dec 1 with flu/cold like symptoms. He suddenly developed a very sore throat yesterday, and a fever of 101. This morning his tonsils are so swollen it sounds like he has cotton in his throat. We were off to the doctors, then off to the lab. The doctor suspects mono. We should know tomorrow.

Typical Christmas in my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Re: Give me a break

Suzanne D. on 12/23/03 at 19:48 (140709)

Oh, bless your heart, Wendy! I'm sorry. There have been several children at my school with severe strep cases recently, and one little boy actually had mono. He was very sick for about a week - 10 days. He's much better now, thankfully. But then his little brother and mom were sick; now his dad has the flu. Sometimes it does seem that 'when it rains, it pours'!

I hope things look brighter tomorrow. @};-
Suzanne :)