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Question about when ESWT is right for a patient

Posted by Sandy on 12/19/03 at 18:37 (140370)


I wanted to follow up on a question I posted a few weeks ago. My mother has Plantar Fasciitis and she has had it for almost a year now (8 months) she has tried inserts and pain medication given by her Dr.

He has now suggested ESWT, but on all the material I've read I've seen that it is used on Chronic PF patients. She has a lot of pain at times, probably everyday, but her Dr. has not said she has Chronic PF, he said she is somewhat at the beginning stages, but wants her to try ESWT now.

My question is, would this the best next step for her to take? Or is there something she else should try first? She does not want C-shots nor does want to go through surgery.

Any info is much appreciated!


Re: Sorry, I posted on the wrong board. Moderators Pls delete :}

Sandy on 12/19/03 at 18:52 (140371)

I am sorry, I just realized I posted on the wrong message board.

If a moderate can please delete this thread.


Re: Question about when ESWT is right for a patient

Dr. Zuckerman on 12/19/03 at 23:29 (140401)


eight months is a chronic time frame. If there have been three failed conservative treatment then ESWT can help your mother. The physical examination to determine if there is pain at the insertion is very important. A complete history and physical examination of the lower extremity is also needed to determine need