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Front foot pain/Metatarsal region

Posted by Rachael T. on 12/20/03 at 22:06 (140454)

Thanks for the reply Jen....yes, I've 'SKINNY' feet...I am not overweight but I wish I were thinner....you might know, though, that my feet are skinny!! (-; Anyway, I do note that at times when I am standing - I DO carry more weight on my front areas of my feet....so your pod's opinion could be correct. I, too prefer his opinion over anything more serious! But, I am actually today & yesterday - having better days than ever....My only 'difference' is that I have not put on anything but Birk Bostons & Ariat Riding Boots with Powerstep inserts & Ariat clogs again w/ Powerstep inserts. I hope this 'good feeling' lasts! Afterall, I have only asked for new or good feet for Christmas for the past two years...this makes third time, & that I am hoping is the charm! But, w/ this PF thing--we all know a few days good can turn ugly in 1 short night! I remain hopeful though. Hope you are having good days too! Happy Season!

Re: Front foot pain/Metatarsal region

Jen L on 12/21/03 at 15:08 (140491)

I'm glad to know that you are having very good days! This is a good sign that you are moving a step closer to having your Christmas wishes come true.
I think we are similar in the weight situation - I have never been heavy, and my BMI is 20, but I don't like the way the body fat distributes especially after the doc. commented on my feet.
I ordered a pair of PowerSteps for my husband who plays basket ball and has no heel pains, and I noticed the inserts seem indeed hard to me. I don't know if your front foot pain could be partially from wearing the inserts for long hours.
Right now I switch the orthotics I wear: semi-rigid custom ones and SDO's, and they both fit the only pair of shoes I wear. I found the discomfort on the front foot usually goes away faster. My heel pains are improving although it's very very slow. Generally I can say it's on the right track.
Thank you for your good wishes, and I hope you feel better and better than ever!