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How Much Pain Are you In???

Posted by Michael K on 12/21/03 at 20:29 (140512)

Hello I am asking this because I want to know if I am the odd one here. My pain is in the arch area the pain is there 24 hours a day. My pain has been there for a little over a year. I am on pain meds. Is this how PF is painful. Thanks, Michael

Re: How Much Pain Are you In???

Kathy G on 12/22/03 at 09:26 (140544)


PF takes on many forms and the best way to know that you have PF is to to go to a doctor and get a proper diagnosis. Have you read Scott's heel pain book? That is a source of unbelievable information about PF.

Some of us have heel pain, some have only arch pain, some have both. It's so very individual. You'll find that everyone has their own list of what helps them the most. Some like icing; some like heat. One thing we all pretty much agree on is the Yoga exercises that were posted by our wonderful contributor, Julie, who is a Yoga instructor. Some swear by Birkenstocks; some wear only running shoes. Some have custom orthtotics; some buy over-the-counter orthotics.

As to the pain, again, it's personal. For me, when my PF was the worst, it hurt all the time. Now, it hurts when I overdo it or stand for any extended period of time. I have been doing too much because of the holidays and my feet hurt constantly right now.

If you've found a painkiller that seems to help and doesn't have terrible side effects, go for it, but make sure you start to treat your PF as aggessively as your lifestyle will allow you. Then the time will come when you only need it occasionally.

It's a lousy condition and it does try the patience, doesn't it?

Re: How Much Pain Are you In???

BrianG on 12/22/03 at 13:44 (140571)

Hi Michael,

When my pain first appeard, it was atypical. No morning pain, or after sitting for awhile. It was in one heel only, and only seemed to hurt if I was on my feet for too long. After a year or so, my pain in the first heel turned typical, and really hurt in the morning, and after getting up during the day. My 2nd heel did not start hurting until after I had my failed EPF surgery. Those first 2-3 months after my surgery I did use crutches as much as possible, but my good foot really took a beating. About 3 months after the sugery, I had to return to work, and crutches were not allowed. It was at this time that my second heel really started bothering me.

It didn't take long, before both heels hurt equally, and typically. Right now I still have bad pain in my heels when driving. When resting, and especially at night, I can also feel the pain in my heel, arch and lower legs. It's been like this now, for a couple of years. It doesn't seem to be getting worse, but then again I'm masking the worst of the pain with my daily pain meds. Kathy is right, I think we all feel the pain a little differently. There is not one, correct way, that we are supposed to be hurting.

Keep looking for that cure, you never know where you'll find it.