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A cheering thought

Posted by Julie on 12/22/03 at 08:11 (140528)

Yesterday was the shortest day of the year. From today, the days get longer and lighter, and we move forwards, towards summer.

Happy Winter Solstice to everyone, and a Merry Christmas. And a peaceful, rewarding, light-filled New Year.

Re: A cheering thought

Suzanne D. on 12/22/03 at 08:38 (140531)

That is a nice thought, Julie! :)

I, too, wish for everyone who reads and posts here a healthy and happy holiday and good things ahead in the New Year! @};-

I am having some computer problems at home, but I have read enough to know that we have some sickness among us and hope everyone feels better quickly. I also know we need peace and kindness, and I pray that the new year will bring that as well.

I would like to send my best wishes to Wendy in regard to her husband's medical issues. Wendy, I'm praying for you and your family. [-o<

It made me smile to read about Birkenstocks being in style! Now we all knew we were really the trend-setters of the world, didn't we?! ;)

Holiday time can be the most wonderful - and also the most stressful - time of the year, can't it? Many are lucky to have good memories at this time, but others are not so fortunate and are haunted with memories they keep at bay most of the rest of the year. That makes it hard on them and particularly on those who love them and are their family now. That is the case with me (due to my husband's memories), and sometimes this time of the year is especially hard for me. Thanks for letting me say that here.

If Tammie is reading, I want to lastly thank her. My first year here I posted about how Christmas is hard for me as my mother died quite unexpectedly one Christmas night when my daughter was young and was sleeping beside her. Tammie wrote a beautiful reply to me which I printed out and read every year. And so I thank her again and wish so hard for better days ahead for her - and everyone here.

My best to everyone ,
Suzanne :)

Re: A cheering thought

Kathy G on 12/22/03 at 09:00 (140536)


I just loved your post. My mother always used to say that the 21st was the shortest day of the year. When I was a child, I used to think to myself that no matter how you cut it, there were twenty-four hours in the day but being polite and respectful, I never contradicted her! Years later, when I told her, it gave her a laugh and reminded her how literal children can be.

She always marked it, saying that now the days would be longer! Of course, she also used to add her Irish mother's saying that 'As the days begin to lengthen, the cold begins to strengthen!' Doesn't that sound typically Irish? Despite that, I just figure we're one day closer to Spring.

I'd like to wish you all a happy holiday season and a wonderful, healthy new year! May the flu bug visit few and stay for only a short time and may we all be dancing in 2004!

Re: Suzanne D

Ron B on 12/22/03 at 15:21 (140588)

Suzanne D
Sorry to hear you lost your Mother on Christmas Night. We know the feeling, we lost my Mother-in-Law to cancer on Christmas day 20 yrs ago. even though that was a while ago it still seems like yesterday. My wife has never really recoverd from the loss. They were BEST friends. My son was the only grandchild at the time (he was 3) I would give anything for her to be able to see the other six grandchildren. My parents live only five miles away, but never have time for the grandchildren, its sad!!
I wonder sometimes why the Lord works the way he does. But I don't question HIM. If you can share (and its not too long) the letter Tammie sent you. I would love to read it and show it to my wife Thanks! And Thanks to ALL, that have responded to my post. they have been helpful. Taping is helping!!!!
Ron B (email removed)

Re: Suzanne D

Suzanne D. on 12/22/03 at 20:32 (140615)

Hi, Ron! I'll send you an e-mail by tomorrow. (I'm at my daughter's home, on her computer right now and the printed e-mail is at my house.)

I DO understand how your wife feels! Please tell her that for me. And I know the feeling, wishing so much that your wife's mother was here to be with your children. We can relate on that issue, too. My mother-in-law has never had time for my children, either. And both my parents were SO involved with my children and would have been so proud of them during their growing up years. Unfortunately my children were 1 and 6 when my father died and 2 and 7 when my mother died. My youngest doesn't remember either one of them, but it is uncanny how much like my mother she has grown up to be.

Well, thanks for your response, and I'll e-mail you tomorrow.

Suzanne :)

Re: Suzanne D

Ron B on 12/22/03 at 21:29 (140622)

Thankyou. I will be looking forward to your e-mail.
Ron B

Re: Suzanne D

Suzanne D. on 12/23/03 at 16:32 (140693)

I just sent you an e-mail, Ron. Please let me know if you don't get it. My e-mail has been 'funny' lately. I will re-send it if you don't receive it.

Blessings to you!
Suzanne :)