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To Scott

Posted by Pauline on 12/22/03 at 09:00 (140535)

This is the second time that you have allowed Dr. ED to say what ever he pleases about anyone and anything 'to get things off his chest'.

Since his statements are permitted and any response to his 'not nice' comments are always restructed to others, why not create a board just for the Dr. Ed's and Mr.G's. 'to tell the rest of your posters off'?

After they have degraded as many posters as possible, they can then offer a rose to those they want to stay so they can continue to degrade them. A new twist on a TV reality show.

Re: My observation

marie on 12/22/03 at 11:14 (140554)

As far as I am concerned it's over. Ed had his say and Julie had hers. For the sake of the rest of the posters here can we please just move on.8-(PIPE) There was another board created as you described but it plain got ugly there. There was no one person to blame for that situation.....all of the participants are to blame. All said ugly things. We lost some valuable posters as the result. They weren't banned. Since then there has been one tiff after another here. Some food for thought. Everyone is suspcious of everyone else and it's become downright uncomfortable. :-s I am not taking anyone's side. I will continue to be as objective as possible. Life is about using friendship as a weapon or a sanctity. Just think about it.

8-X marie the big bad meany head

PS: I've always wanted to use that skull smiley....this just seemed like the right time.;)

Merry Christmas...Bah humbug!