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Back/Hip/Foot Connection

Posted by Joe B. on 12/22/03 at 09:11 (140539)

Hi. I'm looking for a place to turn.

Quick history: I had chronic PF in my left foot, and had EPF release
surgery and heel spur removed in January of 2003. Surgery has yielded
very little improvement, but that is not the reason for my post.
While my left foot was in the hard cast, I obviously was bearing most of
my weight on my right foot, which started to hurt on the outside of the
heel. Since it was no worse in the morning than any other time, and not
on the inside heel (the symptons on my left foot prior) I knew it was
not PF, or at least not typical PF.

My POD at first thought it might have been a bone bruise, but it never
went away. He sent me for an MRI looking for a stress fracture, but it
was negative. The pain is very deep-feeling, at times feels like my
foot is in a vice. It is not sensitive to the touch, and never varies from the same spot on the foot. It hurts at rest, as well as when I walk.
I even feel it lying in bed before I get up. I had a few shots in the interim, but they help for only a day or so.

Strange thing is that the pain is a bit better when I wear dress shoes
with heels, vs. when I wear sneakers (I have been wearing orthotics since
early in the process of the left foot problem, I'm on my second pair. The have been adjusted numerous times).
Although with the dress shoes the heel pain is lessened, I have some pain running down the outside of my leg from my hip down. I read Scott's Heel Pain Book, as well as other publications, and while sciatica is a possibility I have never had any pain in my back or buttocks, which would be symptoms.
I have never had any back problems at all, but a few years ago I had an inflamed bursa in the same hip. I got a single cortisone shot and the problem went away.

Somehow, this must all be related, but I am stumped. Any input form the doctors or fellow sufferers would be welcome.

My question is: Should I stick with the POD, or should I try Orthopedist even a Chiropractor (which I have never gone to in my life.

Re: Back/Hip/Foot Connection

BrianJ on 12/22/03 at 13:37 (140570)

I'm not a doctor, but it sounds like your right foot might have atypical PF (no first-step pain). Try taping your right foot (use search function for discussion of methods). If taping helps, that suggests PF. Dress shoes provide more support and a higher heel, which helps alleviate PF symptoms.