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ESWT University Studies

Posted by Jane M on 12/22/03 at 12:19 (140561)

My pod told me that ESWT treatments were being studied by 3 universities. He said their reports are due out in October. He was hopeful that these studies would prove to Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield that ESWT was worthwhile and therefor they would pay for the treatment. My question is: Does anyone know about these studies and are they completed?

Re: ESWT University Studies

Pauline on 12/22/03 at 17:28 (140604)

Dr. Zuckerman would probably have the latest information on new ESWT studies.

Re: ESWT University Studies

Dr. Z on 12/22/03 at 18:00 (140609)

I know that Dr. Weil in Chicago has been involved with three FDA studies that should have been finished. The first being the dolorcast, 2nd orthometrix ( old Big O) and the last being the Wolf ESWT device. I also believe they are doing some testing with the ossatron but I am not 100 % sure about this study.
I have been told that there is support to be a study published very soon
with the use of the Dornier Epos. Dr. Ed David told me about this paper and that the results looked really good. I didn't see or review this paper.
Unfortunately every local blue shield is going to make their own decision as to whether ESWT is going to be covered.
The only two studies that we have at present are the ossatron and the dornier FDA one year study.