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Jen L

Posted by Rachael T. on 12/22/03 at 17:17 (140602)

Thanx Jenn for reply & info....I'm wanting to know - do you wear Dr. Kiper's orth? I just rec'd. my pair today - & shall give them a whirl w/ high hopes! Pls. let me know how they work best for you & any info you may offer in addition to his info & website. In what shoes do you wear them most of time? Do you find them as supportive as your regular pair of orthosis?

Re: Jen L

Jen L on 12/24/03 at 18:53 (140768)

Hi Rachael,
In my personal experience, which may not be true to others, well made custom semi-rigid orthotics are more supportive, but can be hard to get used to when the feet are swelling and in a lot of pain. SDO's on the other hand are easier on the feet by its more comfortable, 'moving cushion like support to the arch area, but frankly the heel areas are not that good since the liquid moves away and it does not have the built in heel cups as in an orthotics made by a pod.
I could not stand the pod's orthotics when I ordered the SDO's. I found the SDO's more friendly to my feet. For months I used heel protectors (made of plastics), tapings and Dr.Scholl's thin insoles in addition to the silicone insoles in my shoes. I put the very thin Dr.Scholl's shoe insets (that you can find in any store) beneath the SDO's or on the top of traditional orthotics, and it makes the footgear more comfortable.
I have been wearing Nike sneakers with the orthotics and the original insoles in the shoes are taken out. I know I should have more supportive shoes, but after times of failures with other shoes I have not been lucky in finding a store to try Brooks yet. I think I am going to order it online.
To me the orthotics are supplementary to the healing of the heel pains. Six months ago I had low intensity ESWT done on both feet, and I started having noticeable improvements. I think I need the 2nd round of the procedure or a high-energy treatment for a better result.
As the feet get better I think the sense of orthotics do change. Weeks after the ESWT I tried the orthotics made by the pod., and found it less annoying, and surprisingly in the right foot it gives the support the foot enjoys. I went back to the pod. and had the left one adjusted so both feet can wear them now.
Good luck to your new orthotics! Keep us posted please.

Re: Jen L

RACHAEL T. on 12/25/03 at 00:47 (140774)

Hi & Thanks for reply! Hmmm, I find the SDOs as you said more foot friendly, but not as supportive as my orth. which are away being adjusted & I also find that I am desireable of more heel cup...some of the same comments you made. I have only worn the SDOs 2-1/2 days...& I have yet to reply to the Dr. Kiper on them for advisement - shall do that Fri., after the holiday, I am thinking. How long have you had PF? How did you acquire it? I've had it for 3 years in March 2004, but I am MUCH improved over days past! I don't want to return to that state of pain again...that is why I thought I'd try these SDOs to see if they were better than reg. orth. ~ & to see if SDOs could move me along in healing as well. More as time & I progress & as I learn more about the SDOs abilities.

Re: Jen L

Jen L on 12/28/03 at 09:17 (140824)

Sorry for the delay in my response. My foot problem started in spring 2002, classic/typical P.F. at first, then became atypical with the onset of constant heel pains. The basic reason was the years of wears by my brisk walking and triggered by a pair of new shoes which were not foot friendly.
Currently I use SDOs at home as the alternative to the custom ortho. I hope when the feet get better I may be able to use SDOs in a pair of sandales for summer.
Good luck in finding your best ortho.!

Re: Jen L

RACHAEL T. on 12/28/03 at 16:10 (140829)

Thanks! I am using SDOs alot this past week since they arrived. I have gone to the mall; walked a bike trail; & around the house with them in my Brooks Ariels. If I get footsore at all in them, I switch to my Birk Bostons - & that seems to be happening only when I am going going going all day - like the 2 days I cooked for Christmas dinner for large family. I did the 1st walk test today as Dr. K requests. I await his reply from the results & then, go onto the 'switch' of orthotics from left to right & vice/versa...& then, walk test #2. I remain hopeful that they will encourage healing!!!