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Ok on a lighter note...I need some help here.....

Posted by marie on 12/22/03 at 21:22 (140619)

Ok most of you have looked at the photos of our new mini doxie, Heidi. I am getting ready to register her at AKC. I need a wild name to send in. There are so many dogs registered with them that the average name, like Heidi, won't be accepted. Our last dogs were named Katie and Tucker. Their AKC names were Tri-Domino Tucker and Little Lady Katie. I am drawing a blank with Heidi, I'd very much appreciate some help with this. If you have any ideas please post away.

Re: Ok on a lighter note...I need some help here.....

Suzanne D. on 12/22/03 at 22:31 (140629)

How about 'Little Foot Heidi', Marie? The 'foot' part could bring to mind the friends you've made through the message boards as you've dealt with your own foot problems and helped others with theirs.

I hope you feel better soon!
Suzanne :)

Re: Ok on a lighter note...I need some help here.....

marie on 12/23/03 at 11:16 (140666)

I like the foot idea....lets see where can I go with that....hmmm. Maybe Little Heidi Under Foot. Hope some more ideas are added.

Re: Ok on a lighter note...I need some help here.....

BrianG on 12/23/03 at 19:35 (140708)

Hi Marie,

The AKC will accept any name that has never been used before. You could use something like Heidi 007, or Marie's Heidi. Unless your going to be showing her, I wouldn't worry too much about her official name.


PS: There are a ton of show dogs with the owner's Kennel name incorporated into the name, and the dog is called something entirely different. One dog I know is named 'Swift River's Make a Splash'. His owner just calls him Tobey. Another is 'Swift River's Coast to Coast'. His every day name is Coaster :*)

PPS: Do you know about using a crate for house breaking? I have a couple tips, if your interested.

Re: Ok on a lighter note...I need some help here.....

marie on 12/24/03 at 08:43 (140731)

Thanks for all the info!:) I am not going to show her but I want to register her just the same. I love the name's of the dogs you know.What kind of dogs are they? Too cute.

I raised and breed cocker spanials. Mostly for fun...certainly not to make money. We had nice dogs that were housebroken....good family pets. We have a large rabbit cage we are using for Heidi. She can squeeze through the bars of the crate. So far she has been pretty good about where she goes potty but I will take any advice I can get on housebreaking. She's not fond of going outside as we have snow and it's so cold for her. She's just over 8 weeks old. I cut up an old sock and made her a little sweater. Even the xxsmall coats are to big for her.


Re: Everything I know about house breaking, hahahaa

BrianG on 12/25/03 at 12:21 (140785)

Hi Marie,

The dogs I mentioned are Brittanys, and the owners are members of a Brittany Club which I joined this summer. They were a big help in introducing my dog to birds. They use live quail, which really helps, as the dogs are working under controlled training, with the live birds.

About the crates, for puppy training. All puppies hate to make a mistake where they sleep. This is why a crate is really the best way of housebreaking. You start with a small crate, or partition off a larger crate. You don't want to turn the pup loose, for the night, in too large a crate. They'll just go to the other end when they have to go. Keep their area small, for the first month or two, and they will hold it.

Now, part two. No puppy can go all night without peeing, etc. I took my pup outside, just before I went to bed. I then set my alarm clock for 3am, and got up to take him out again. When I got up in the morning, taking the pup out was the first thing I did after getting dressed. It took about a month of setting the clock to 3am, then I set it for 4am, for about another month. Next I set it for 5am for a couple weeks, and not too long after that, the pup was sleeping thru the entire night. I'd say the whole process took about 3 months, and he was fully house broken.

When the dog is fully housebroken, you can enlarge the crate, or get her a bigger one. Once a pup has been house broken like this, many of them love sleeping in their crates for the night. It gives them some security, and keeps them out of truble. Just make sure the crate is large enough for the dog to stand upright, and sleep comfertably. At some point your dog may be mature enough to let her have the run of the house, 7x24. Mine (a Britt) is 18 months old, and still no where near having the run of the house. Thank god for his crate, hahahahaha.


PS: He never once messed his crate !!!!

PPS: Shovel out a little area, where your pup can go poop after you have brought her outside. Clean up after each time she uses it. The smell will remain, and she'll know that spot, is where she should go. It shouldn't take any longer than 5 minutes ouside, which is important in the winter. Oh ya, carry her to that spot, so she won't start 'going' before she gets there. Thats only for the first month, or so. Good luck !!!!

Re: Everything I know about house breaking, hahahaa

marie on 12/26/03 at 14:13 (140805)

Thank you Brian. That's great advice. She just started being able to hold it through the night. We cordined off her space in her crate.....a small crate is huge compared to tiny size. It'll be a while until I can take her for a walk....she's too tiny for a collar....I think a ferret harness will fit her so I may give that a try. Heidi is about the size of a guinea pig....her bark is similar to a munchkin voice from the Wizard of OZ.

Are you going to use your dog for hunting? I've always enjoyed watching a good bird dog work. Our male cocker was from hunting stock. He was a beautiful dog and not gunshy. We never hunted him but I'm sure he would have done well. Our female cocker was from a very blueblood line...a bit of a princess and not interested in hunting at all. She was to small for show but made a great momma dog and a wonderful family companion. It took them about two years to get out of the puppy stage but being spanials as soon as they caught a whif of an animal they were gone and there was no catching them. With some diligent training we finally got them to stop taking off and heal on command. A fence around the backyard helped too. LOL. Pets give us such joy.

Re: Everything I know about house breaking, hahahaa

BrianG on 12/30/03 at 10:57 (140915)

Yes, I hunted phesants with Rusty this past fall. The Britt is the only 'pointing' spaniel. All the rest will flush the birds, so you have to be quick. I spent a lot of time this fall traing him to point, at the first scent of a bird. I joined a Brittany club, which used live quail. He was pretty wild at the beginning of the bird season, but near the end, he was pointing beautfully. It's all there in his bloodlines, it's just up to me to help him use that nose, and lock up at first smell of a bird. The birds are less likely to run, when the dog is locked up. It doesn't always work that way, especially with pen raised pheasant, which is mostly what we were hunting for. Our state (Ma) puts out thousands of phesants every year :*)

Of course all that woods work took a toll on my heels. I could put about 2-3 hours into the woods, then I'd be wiped out for the next 2-3 days. It really wasn't fair to the dog, but I did the best I could. In the end, we got about a dozen pheasant, 2 of which were completely hidden, and I would have never got, without the dog. Walking in the woods, and fields, is so much easier than walking on concrete, or tar!!

Regards & have fun,

PS: I don't remember if I told you, but it's best to limit the amount of water you give to your pup after dinner. It will help him, not to have a full bladder all night! Also, I'm a big believer in feeding a pup / dog twice a day, for life. I know I wouldn't want to eat just once a day :*)