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Severe Plantar Fasciitis

Posted by Pat S on 12/22/03 at 23:12 (140640)

My husband has suffered with SEVERE plantar fasciitis (visible lump on his left foot and he has to walk on the side of his foot) for 2 1/2 years and the doctors say there is nothing else they can do. They have put him through everything: casts, Ossatron, boots, meds, coritzone shots, etc. Are you aware of any doctors in the Midwest who will do surgery? He has been to Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN and they said they do not do it there. Please help. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have a very Merry Christmas!

Re: Severe Plantar Fasciitis

BrianJ on 12/23/03 at 11:40 (140670)

Pat --

I am not a doctor, but I have had bilateral PF for about 6 years, and have learned a few things along the way. If your husband has a specific pain in a specific area, and he has sharp pain in that area upon getting up in the morning, then surgery might help (assuming multiple ESWT treatments have already failed). However, if he has aching pain over a larger area of his heels and arches, then surgery is unlikely to help. I would suggest taping in the short run, and considering RFL (do a search on this site to learn more) in the long run. Remember that surgery sometimes makes the pain worse -- so it's important to try EVERYTHING else first.

Re: Severe Plantar Fasciitis

Pauline on 12/23/03 at 19:04 (140703)

Go to this web site and look at the xray picture of the foot. The one on the right of the page. You will see a visible lump.


If this is what you are describing your husband may have Plantar Fibromyotsis. You can read more about it on the internet, and look for an Orthopedic surgeon who specializes in 'foot and ankle' or a Podiatrist to provide an accurate diagnosis and then treatment.

I'm not a doctor, I'm just trying to provide you with some information based on your description of that lump.

Mayo's Orthopedic Foot and Ankle fellowship program is located at Mayo in Arizona. You can find them on line and always contact one of the teaching doctors there.

I have a book titled 'America's top doctors'. It lists a few other Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Specialist in the Midwest by state. One being Dr. Arthur Manoli in Pontiac, Michigan.

Dr. Manoli has posted on this site more than once. You may want to give his office a call (248) 858-6773 or write to him forwarding any tests that your husband has had. A phone call can't hurt. Explain the situation and let them suggest answers for you. Ask if he would return a phone call. You've got to start somewhere.

I've been a patient of Dr. Manoli and speaking from personal experience can tell you he is a fine doctor, well published, highly skilled and respected in his field.

If you supply a state, I'll gladly check my book to see if there are any doctors listed for that specific area. Please remember although there are many fine doctors out there not all of them made this book. I can only provide names of those that are listed and I do not know them personally.

Re: Severe Plantar Fasciitis

Dave R. on 12/25/03 at 12:44 (140787)


I have a developing plantar fibroma at the heel insertion point. Would you be so kind as to check your book for a foot and ankle Ortho near Bolingbrook, IL 60440. This is a far south-west suburb of Chicago, IL.

Thanks....and Happy Holidays!

Re: Severe Plantar Fasciitis

BrianG on 12/26/03 at 08:14 (140794)

Hi Pat,

There may be a very good reason for the Mayo Clinic not to wanting to operate on your husband. There are many, many nerves in the foot, and some operations have gone horribly bad. Believe it or not, your husband could end up in more pain than he already has. Check out the 'search' feature at this web site, and type in RSD. I don't want to scare you, just to educate you in another phase of his injury.

Good Luck.
BrianG, Not a doc

Re: Severe Plantar Fasciitis

Todd H on 12/26/03 at 19:46 (140808)

I have had people tell me that I can be healed enough to walk without pain but will never be able to run competitivly.Has there ever been a case that the person can never run again?

I've had Plantar Fasciitis for three years and am going for Extracorporeal Shock Wave treatment in early January.

Re: Severe Plantar Fasciitis

Pat S on 12/27/03 at 15:33 (140816)

Thanks for the information you provided! I will look into the website you suggested. About surgery, my husband wants it done thinking the pain
will be gone, but from the sounds of it, it could be very worse.
Thanks again, I love this website!

Re: Severe Plantar Fasciitis

Pat S on 12/27/03 at 15:33 (140817)

You have most helpful, Pauline! Thank you for your concern and help!
This is a great website.

Re: Severe Plantar Fasciitis

Kathy L on 12/31/03 at 20:54 (141029)

I'd like to suggest that you go to the Treatment message board here at this site, and look at some of the stories about supplements. I took MSM (a derivative of DMSO) and it cured me.

Re: Severe Plantar Fasciitis

Laura S on 1/01/04 at 19:51 (141091)

have you tried prolotherapy yet?

Re: Severe Plantar Fasciitis

Dorothy on 1/01/04 at 20:16 (141093)

A couple of websites on this subject: http://www.caringmedical.com/therapies/prolotherapy.asp

Sounds intriguing.

Have you tried it?

Dr. Koop recommends it and has had done on himself, if you remember Dr. Koop.