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What's your favorite Christmas Movie?

Posted by Kathy G on 12/23/03 at 14:04 (140680)

I'm supposed to be peeling potatoes but here I am!

I was just wondering what your favorite Christmas movie might be. We just watched our copy of 'A Christmas Carol,' with George C. Scott, which was made in 1984. It is our favorite rendition of that story. I remember when I was a little girl, I saw part of another rendition that scared me to death. To this day, I remember the only part I saw: the part where Marley's face appears on the door knocker. I admit, it took me until I was thirteen to actually read the book and then I did it with much trepidation. I never have seen the rest of that old movie that scared me so much!

I also love Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation as I mentioned in a previous post. It's just too much like my father with his 'full trees' and lights not to make me laugh.

And another favorite of mine, that's never shown anymore, is 'Christmas Eve on Sesame Street.' Sure, it's for children but my family bought me my own version of it, along with the Muppet's Christmas and I enjoy them immensely. If you're at all familiar with the Muppet's Christmas, you will understand the running joke in a family about 'watching out for that icy patch.' My kids' friends look at them like they're insane when they say it but it's become a bit of an inside joke. Guess it just hits our family's sense of humor!

This year, I am going to tape 'The Christmas Story' which I have never seen in its entirety. It's been out for twenty years so I guess it's time! My sister really enjoys that one and it's on TNT or TBS as a marathon every year, so if I set the VCR, I'll be able to watch it.

So now you know what I like. What about the rest of you? Or are you all off doing the things you're supposed to be doing, unlike me?

Re: What's your favorite Christmas Movie?

john h on 12/23/03 at 14:28 (140681)

As you might suspect: Full Metal Jacket or Saving Private Ryan. Maybe even the wierd Apopoclypse Now.

Re: What's your favorite Christmas Movie?

Suzanne D. on 12/23/03 at 14:54 (140683)

My favorite Christmas movie is 'It's a Wonderful Life'. I never tire of that movie. I like the black and white original rather than the colorized version although I'll watch either.

Kathy, I like the 'Muppet's Christmas Carol'. Is that the Muppet Christmas movie you were speaking of? There may be more than one; I don't know. But I do like their rendition of 'A Christmas Carol'.

I also really like 'The Bishop's Wife', the one that was the forerunner to Whitney Houston's 'The Preacher's Wife', I think it was called.

I've been, of all things, to school this morning, sitting in on interviews for an assistant I'll share with 2 other teachers. The one who worked with me at the beginning of the year moved to another position in October, then the one we hired after that had to go back to Thailand (long story). I'll surely miss her, and so will the children. Hopefully we found one who will be able to stay with us.

Take care, everyone!
Suzanne :)

Re: What's your favorite Christmas Movie?

Rick R on 12/23/03 at 15:57 (140692)

What do you mean wierd? Seemed fine and festive to me. Favorite carol the Doors The End no doubt!


Re: What's your favorite Christmas Movie?

marie on 12/23/03 at 17:51 (140695)

I like the one with Jimmy Stewart in it....is it called 'It's a Wonderful Life'? Watch it every year. In fact I'm going to put it in tonight.

I also love watching 'Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer'. The one that has the elf that wants to be a dentist and the land of misfit toys. It just isn't Christmas without that classic tale.

Also love the one with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope....'I'm dreaming of a White Christmas' is one of my favorite songs. In that movie there's a pair of sisters who fall for the guys. They sing a song that goes something like this 'God help the sister who comes between me and my mister and God help the sister who comes between me and my man'. My sister and I had the whole song and routine acted out and we performed it for my parents on Christmas day.

Re: What's your favorite Christmas Movie?

wendyn on 12/23/03 at 19:22 (140706)

The Grinch. (The original)

Hands down.

Re: What's your favorite Christmas Movie?

Richard, C.Ped on 12/24/03 at 08:02 (140728)

I guess you love the smell of egg nog in the morning...huh?

Re: What's your favorite Christmas Movie?

Richard, C.Ped on 12/24/03 at 08:07 (140729)

My list of favorites:
#1 Christmas Vacation
#2 A Christmas Story
#3 The Santa Clause
#4 Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th, or most of the old ones
#5 The stop motion animation ones...Rudolph, Santa Clause in coming to town ..etc.
#6 The Return of the King (saw it last Thursday...long but good..) haha

Re: What's your favorite Christmas Movie?

John H on 12/24/03 at 09:24 (140742)

Richard what a bunch of wimpy movies. I thought you might at least have a Hopalong Cassady or Buck Jones movie in there. I bet you really liked Sleepless in Seattle and You Have Got Mail. Actually I spent much of my life on alert on the flight line and you do become sort of addicted to smell of JP4 and the roar of a flight of F-4's lifting off.

Re: What's your favorite Christmas Movie?

Rick R on 12/24/03 at 11:56 (140754)

I'll tell you what I miss; all the old W.C. Fields and Marx Brothers movies they used to play all night on New Years eve. Road Hog would go well right about now. That reminds me I have to get my hat re-blocked, ah yes. Or how about Duck Soup, Hail Freedonia!!


Re: What's your favorite Christmas Movie?

Carole C in NOLA on 12/24/03 at 12:09 (140756)

I haven't answered up till now, because I couldn't think of a favorite! I would say 'It's a Wonderful Life' which is the favorite of many people, except that I've never watched it all the way through. Although I do enjoy parts of it, I get bored part way through and change the channel when everything is turning out so awful for the poor fellow. I've seen and enjoyed the beginning and the end, though.

You know what I like to watch more than anything around Christmas? Movies with little children in them, at Christmastime, with happy plots. Corny, maudlin, happy tear-jerker movies with old fashioned Christmases and Christmas trees and snow, and maybe little Shirley Temple or other cute kids. :)

There are always plenty of Christmas movies on TV at this time of year, and some are of this sort but I don't remember the names of any!

Carole C

Re: What's your favorite Christmas Movie?

Richard, C.Ped on 12/24/03 at 13:12 (140758)

Wimpy? Oh it's on now flyboy! haha

Ok...Scarface. That has a Christmas tree in it. Let me introduce you to my little friend!

Re: What's your favorite Christmas Movie?

Suzanne D. on 12/24/03 at 13:44 (140760)

I like those warm-hearted, happy movies, too, Carole! And sometimes it's fun to watch a 'goofy' one like 'Ernest Saves Christmas'! :D

I remember before all the videos and cable and satellite dishes when we would watch the paper carefully so as not to miss 'Rudolph' or one of the yearly classics that would be shown on one of the three channels on t.v. through the month of December.

Suzanne :)

Re: What's your favorite Christmas Movie?

Bill T on 12/25/03 at 00:39 (140773)

No doubt about it, the movie with Clarence giving out wings is the best Christmas movie.

Re: What's your favorite Christmas Movie?

JudyS on 12/25/03 at 13:22 (140788)

My kids rented 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' the other day - it turned out to be pretty cute....

Re: What's your favorite Christmas Movie?

Bonnie D on 12/28/03 at 17:02 (140831)

Have any of you seen Sunshine Christmas? It was on every year in the mid-eighties. I watched it with my young daughter. A young hippie-type man (Cliff de Young?) and his adopted daughter about 9, leave Vancouver, BC (Canada) to vist his crusty parents in Texas for Christmas. It's a wonderful movie and I looked forward to watching it with my daughter wher she got older than the girl in the movie, but I haven't seen or heard of it for 10 years.