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Merry Christmas to you all!!

Posted by Necee on 12/24/03 at 02:58 (140725)

I've been so busy lately that I haven't been reading much on the board.

I just wanted to say Merry CHRISTmas to all of you. It's my wish that each of you have a special Christmas this year, filled with lots of love, and may the spirit of this season continue for you and yours throughout the coming year.

My prayer in the New Year will be that peace and harmony prevail. I've come to know several of you here, and consider you dear friends, it's almost like family....when one hurts, we all hurt, when we are down and depressed there is always a quick response to help and lend support, just like family.

You all are a great bunch of folks, coming from all walks of life, we haven't always seen eye to eye on some things, and that old road has been rough and bumpy at times, but when we put all issues aside, we can remain friends.

Thanks for the ride....it's been quite and experience.



Re: Merry Christmas to you all!!

Kathy G on 12/24/03 at 08:53 (140736)

And the same to you and yours, Necee! So well put, as usual. You're so right; this is a wonderful community of friends who remain so despite differences of opinion. One of the nicest things to come from having access to the internet is that I've gotten to meet such nice folks from all over the world!

Re: Merry Christmas to you all!!

Suzanne D. on 12/24/03 at 08:56 (140737)

You're both absolutely right! Merry Christmas to everyone! You all have enriched my life. @};-

Suzanne :)

Re: Merry Christmas to you all!!

Lari S. on 12/24/03 at 09:02 (140739)

Nicely put Necee. Just like in families, there will be occasional disagreements, but you just have to agree that you disagree and move on. This is a truly special group of people, and I've enjoyed 'meeting' each and every one of you. I hope Santa brings us all comfy feet to enjoy throughout the coming year, and if not, the continued friendship and support this board gives each and every one of us.

Re: Merry Christmas to you all!!

marie on 12/24/03 at 10:42 (140749)

Merry CHRISTmas Neccee! We're actually going to have a white Christmas this year. We have about 2 inches now with more on the way.

Re: Merry Christmas to you all!!

Carole C in NOLA on 12/24/03 at 12:14 (140757)

Merry Christmas, Necee! You are a terrific woman and I'm so glad that I have gotten to know you and others on the message board through the years.

May your Christmas and New Year be pain-free, happy, and fulfilling in all ways. :)

Carole C