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Posted by Necee on 12/25/03 at 02:17 (140775)

Well, it's 1:30 am....(Christmas eve), the cooking is all done, the presents are wrapped, and here I sit at this computer listening to Christmas music as the festive holiday lights twinkle outside my window. Oh.....if only we had snow, then my night would be perfect!

I waited until my husband went to sleep, then went to the kitchen and made him his favorite dessert. I haven't made it in a long time, so I think he will be pleasantly surprised in the morning. I'm leaving it out on the table with a note and a big red bow, so as he stumbles into the kitchen to make that pot of coffee, he'll see it.
He knows how I love surprises, so a few weeks ago he bought a huge Poinsettia plant and placed it on the kitchen table with a note, 'To the one I love'. After a long and hard day at work, that was the first thing I saw when I walked in the house. If I don't get another thing for Christmas that will be just fine with me.

As we celebrate Christmas, and say our prayers, lets remember those who are serving our country, and fighting for our freedom and safety. God bless them all !

Merry Christmas


Re: Christmas

marie on 12/25/03 at 09:53 (140781)

Nice thought for today......Thank you Necee.

We just finished opening packages. The boys were up bright and early this morning....not something they do on any other day. Now they're back in bed. As always our Christmas will be spent eating, playing cards, eating, watching a movie, eating, snow ball fight, eating and a little more eating. It's a day we give thanks that we are healthy and together and eating! Christmas service was last Sunday. Our church is small so we celebrate in advance when everyone is still in town. I love listening to the choir and invited muscians who play at service. A young man played guitar and sang last weak. He sang a song about Mary and her life. I think one of the lines went something like this...'although it hurt so she rejoiced in the name of the Lord.' It was a very beautiful piece. When the song was over the young man began to thank our congregation for allowing him to play....tears streamed down his face....he left his sick and ailing horse of twenty years to play at our service. He didn't think she'd make it through the night. He left his wife with the horse. What a hard choice it must have been for him to have to make. He played such beautiful music for people he didn't even know....that was the gift that warmed my heart this year. What a sacrafice.

Merry Christmas, marie