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6 weeks post surgery. Pain Free. First time in 2 years

Posted by Bud P on 12/25/03 at 08:08 (140778)

Too all,

Just to update everyone on my surgery. It's Christmas morning and I think I got the best present of all. I'm sitting here typing this post and I am pain free from the PF for the first time in 2 years. Over the last six weeks I have struggled a little with surgery pain and a little with some lingering PF pain. It came and went after about 3 weeks. The arch of my foot felt something like a bruise,I related it to the surgery.This past Sunday after church I noticed that my foot did not hurt at all. I just thought I was having a good day and my meds were working real well. MOnday was six weeks and there still was no pain. Tuesday my orthotics were bothering me,they seem to be to hard. I went out and bought an over the counter Dr. Schools arch support to try and they felt great. I have them in right now. I am just so happy right now I could bust a gut. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and continue to pray.

I would say as of right now I am 95% happy with my surgery. I wish I would have done it sooner. If I continue on this pace I will be walking o

on the treadmill in a couple months. I don't want to over due it,but 5 or 6 miles a day would be nice. I'll continue to update everyone here and on the surgery board. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and to all HAPPY FEET this NEW YEAR.


Re: 6 weeks post surgery. Pain Free. First time in 2 years

rsk on 12/25/03 at 09:24 (140780)

thats some good news. definitely encouraging. hope the pain stays away for ever.



Re: 6 weeks post surgery. Pain Free. First time in 2 years

Bud P on 12/26/03 at 08:12 (140793)

Thanks for the kind words.