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Very hesitant-please help

Posted by Shelly S. on 12/26/03 at 12:57 (140802)

I've been reading this site for a while and really haven't found anything to convince myself that I should agree to have ESWT with an Ossotron machine that is used in my area.

I have had PF 3 1/2 years. I have not seen anyone mention that their heels are numb. Along with my pain, I have numbness in my right heel and severe numbness and pain in my left.

Yes, I too, have tried EVERYTHING mentioned previously as directed by my pod, except for the new stretches posted recently. I would not agree to injections. I own my own business and am on by feet approx. 13 hrs. a day.

I am in the Syracuse NY area. There is a contract battle between the facility here in Syr. that houses the Ossotron and the owner. My husband and I would have to travel 2-3 hrs. away and take a full day away from our business to do this.

I do not find anything on this site that sounds as though I should go through that aggravation. Am I correct? My pod assures me I will be back to work the next day. That doesn't sound correct either based on what I have read.

Please h

Re: Very hesitant-please help

BrianJ on 12/26/03 at 22:57 (140810)

Shelly --

To my knowledge, numbness is not normally a symptom of PF. I would suggest you be tested for (1) nerve entrapment (tarsal tunnel syndrome being the most common type), (2) peripheral neuropathy, and (3) diabetes.

I am not a doctor, so you might want to post your numbness question on the 'ask the doctor' board.

Good luck!

Re: Very hesitant-please help

Shelly S. on 12/27/03 at 09:37 (140811)

Brian-thanks for the response. When I said we have tried it all, that includes a nerve conduction study from the beginning when my right foot initially began with pain and numbness. That test was negative.