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Posted by bluestella on 12/28/03 at 00:48 (140822)

Hi marie!!! Can u please email me at (email removed) i have recieved a newer computer from my dad for xmas! And i no longer have the information you gave me on the board? So if you could thank you. I am still in lots of pain but hopefully when i go the 6th to pt itll relieve some. I did use my foot spa tonight but heel is still throbbing. I seen u take 30 mg of evail????? i only take 10mg???? do u find a difference?? U know i also take neurontin 300 mg 3 times a day and tramadol.. and that horse chestnut. I still find no relief much. Except the burning sensations have stopped for over 2 months now :) but that doesnt help when the rest hurts ha ha ha take care