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heel pain after EPF surgery

Posted by jenna on 12/28/03 at 02:10 (140823)

i had EPF surgery in march 2003 and on the same foot i had a injury in october called tenosynovits on the right foot. im having heel pain again real bad like the pain before the surgery. after EPF surgery can your heel go back to hurting like before the surgery? and will i need surgery again? everytime i go to the foot doctor he always checks my heel and exams it to see how sensitive. what is he checking for? if the surgery was a success why is it hurting again? please give me advice! thank you for you time and advice.

Re: heel pain after EPF surgery

BrianG on 12/30/03 at 11:51 (140925)

Hi Jenna,

Who knows what your doctor is looking for. I think he's pretending to care, so that you won't end up suing him for neglegence! Did he bother to tell you about all the nerve damage that could occur if the EPF went bad? I know this procedure has helped some people, but it has also hurt many others. I would see another doc, for a 2nd opinion. This time you may want to try a Sports Medicine Doc, who specializes in foot and ankle injuries.

BrianG, not a doc, who also had a failed EPF operation.

PS: Besides the nerve damage, two other outcomes can happen. The 1st (like me) is that not enough of the faascia is cut, and there is no healing. Second, too much of the fascia is cut, and your arch is ruined forever! Did your doc recommend orthoctics? Anyone who has had ther fascia cut, should wear orthorics, possibly for life.