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Shelly S and Cameron

Posted by Ron B on 12/28/03 at 21:15 (140832)

Shelly S
On the 30th of this month will be four weeks since I had my ESWT treatment. My pod used the dornier machine. I too work on my feet all day ( 8-10 hours) after having the treatment I had to take TWO days off. there was NO way I could have worked the next day and I don't think I would have made it through the second day either!! I was so sure I would be able to work ! WRONG!! people on this site told me to take some time off (even Dr Z) I didnt want to lose the $$ from being off work. But believe me I think you should take at LEAST two days off. do you work weekends? if you have it on Friday you could probably go back on Monday. Three days off would be nice!! don't rush back to work because you will suffer!

should you pay for the ESWT treatment?? thats a tough call!! Depends on how much pain your in. I don't think my pain was as bad as some that post here. pain in one foot would get up to a 7 (1-10) once in a while and about a 5 in the other. some have higher pain than that. Personally for me, if I didn't have insurance I would not have had the ESWT ! But some have had the pain so long and have tried everything else, that they are desparate and willing to try it! Dr Z has a pretty good success rate with the dornier. My insurance just sent me a copy of the bill from my pod and United shockwave services. the total came to $8,800.00 my insurance paid 80% they dropped my portion of the bill.I have not noticed any imporvement since the treatment. But it has only been four weeks. they say it takes 6 to 12 weeks for results last week (3rd week) was a little worse than the last month. but everyone says to be patient, and I'm thinking postive!! hope I haven't made it harder for you to decide. Read others posts. because it has hepled others!! hopefully it will help me too. good luck!