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orbasone extracorporeal shock wave

Posted by nelson j on 12/29/03 at 11:02 (140849)

i am currently scheduled to have this treatment done feb.6 as a
free research study treatment. could you pls tell me anything about
this type of shockwave. i understand it is much intense so you only
need 1 as opposed to having 3 treatments. i would appreciate yr input
on this type of treatment.

thank you

Re: orbasone extracorporeal shock wave

BrianG on 12/30/03 at 12:13 (140929)

There is a lot of information here about the Orbasone. Go to the top of the page, click on Search. Then click on 'Message board', and type in Orbasone. You may find a little warning, that the name Orbasone can not be used, as it was one time operated without the correct FDA approval. It was removed from the market, but is now under going FDA trials to find out if it can be approved. It is a older machine, using older technology, but the price will probably be good. I think it's worth a try.

Good luck,
BrianG, not a doc

Re: orbasone extracorporeal shock wave

nelson j on 12/30/03 at 14:43 (140960)

hi brian,
thanks for responding to my email. from what i understand
this machine is a new machine which is supposed to be stronger than
other machines thats why you require only 1 treatment. so im not to sure
now about this treatment. it is called study of the orbasone pain relief system. the only reason i am even considering it because it is free and that doesnt mean that i will receive treatment being it is a blind test.im a little afraid of the risk involved which they do not no.i know yr not a doctor, but i appreciate yr input.

thanks nelson

Re: orbasone extracorporeal shock wave

BrianG on 12/31/03 at 23:43 (141037)

Hi Nelson,

I don't know if it was the doctor who told you that it was a 'new machine', but it's not. It's the very first ESWT machine that was imported into the country. I believe about 6-8 of them made it in, before the supply was shut off, due to the FDA trials not completed correctly. The machines are high energy, just like the Ossatron and the Dornier Epos. They all have a different operating system, but all are high power and you need foot anesthesia before treatment. Yes, it is a one treatment machine, like the others. Do your homework, it's just like everything else. Some people are healed, some have partial healing, some have no healing. As far as I know, there are no long term problems from the treatments.

I would make sure the Pod agrees to give you the REAL treatment, should you first get the sham treatment (needed for the FDA trials). Like everything else, get it in writing!

Good luck
BrianG, not a doc