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question about tts?

Posted by terry g. on 12/29/03 at 18:29 (140880)

does tts always display symptoms of numbness and where does this numbness occur in the foot? anyone not have nubness , but still have tts?

Re: question about tts?

Terry D. on 12/29/03 at 20:23 (140887)

My symptoms were severe pain but this was preceded by numbness in my little toe which proceded into at least 75% of the bottom of my foot being numb. I had tts in May. The feeling is slowly returning. I now can feel the skin on almost all of the bottom of my foot. But there is stil considerable numbness and the incision feels like their is a rod inside of it...my assumption is scar tissue and adhesions...BUT I am totally pain free.
I'm hopefull my recovery will continue.
Good luck,

Re: question about tts?

marie on 12/30/03 at 14:13 (140957)

I have read so many different symptoms associated with tts at this board. I personally had numbness...very uncomfortable. I do not have numbness now but still have problems if I don't take care of myself.

best wishes marie