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MSM and Coenzyme Q10, I'm healed

Posted by Kathy L on 12/30/03 at 12:05 (140927)

I haven't been to this board for 2 months. I wanted to give and end-of-year report. I believe I am completely cured, I haven't thought about PF for the last two months, I no longer wear gel pads in my shoes, and I'm doing everything normal, and I've stopped taking the supplements, other than normal vitamins. (I'm 51, and I suffered from a bad case of PF for over 6 months)
I give credit to MSM and rest. My experience in trying the supplement MSM was entirely accidental. If anyone wants to see my earlier posts starting in August, search the archives for Supplements, MSM, and Coenzyme Q10. Today I searched the archives and see others now who are posting positive things about MSM. These additional postings on MSM have been music to my ears. A simple supplement to help the body heal can save tens, maybe hundreds of dollars of going to the doctor. Ersten's posting on the MSM gel sounds great too. Good luck to everyone!

Re: MSM and Coenzyme Q10, I'm healed

Rose on 12/30/03 at 12:45 (140930)

How much MSM are you taking a day?

Re: MSM and Coenzyme Q10, I'm healed

Kathy L on 12/30/03 at 13:42 (140942)

Today, none. For the months of Aug-Oct, I was taking MSM 1000mg twice a day, Vit C 1000mg 1 or 2 times daily, and Coenzyme Q-10 100mg twice daily much of the time. I began to taper off those doses late October and November.

Re: MSM and Coenzyme Q10, I'm healed

marie on 12/30/03 at 20:11 (140980)

I have had similar success! Congratulations, Kathy! Glad to hear you're doing well! Thanks for all the information you have posted, it's much appreciated.

best wishes marie

Re: MSM and Coenzyme Q10, I'm healed

Andy O on 12/31/03 at 17:30 (141021)

What in the world is MSM?

Re: MSM and Coenzyme Q10, I'm healed

Kathy L on 12/31/03 at 21:10 (141033)

MSM is Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, a derivative of DMSO. This supplement can be found in most drug stores. I was taking 1000mg, twice daily. You won't see results immediately... I noticed a change in about 2 weeks. I kept taking it for about 3 months.