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PF cast on foot

Posted by jen on 12/30/03 at 21:02 (140983)


im 27 and a cocktailwaitress in vegas.

im in heels 10 hrs a day and walk like 100 miles a night.

after a month of really bad left foot pain went to drs and was told i have PF and she put my foot/leg in a red cast made of glass?? i was given metal crutches and told not to weight bear for 6 weeks. she thinks i will remain casted longer but after 6 weeks may be allowed to walk on the cast.

she did not say if PF is curable? is it ?? any one else end up ina cast and crutches. at least my toes all can move and are not within the cast. i also have a hammer toe on this foot, should i getit fixed while casted or not?

Re: PF cast on foot

Julie on 12/31/03 at 03:21 (140988)

Jen, PF is certainly curable. But it may involve changes in your lifestyle to avoid it returning once it's gone. PF is a repetitive motion injury, and people whose jobs involve being on their feet a lot are especially vulnerable to it. Your ten hours a day in heels, if not the sole cause of your PF, have surely contributed to it, and you may want to use your time off to think about another job.

Read the heel pain book for information about conservative treatments. Much of it won't apply while you're casted, but you should certainly do gentle foot exercises to avoid muscle weakness and degeneration while you're immobilised. Click on yoga here for some simple, helpful movements.
(Check with your doctor to see if s/he agrees that you can do them while in your cast.)

Re: PF cast on foot

jen on 12/31/03 at 10:27 (141001)

thanks julie
i actualy plan to finish my degree in advertising. it looks like i willbe out on comp soon. i hate using the crutches but dr said no weight. i can do the toe exercises as my toes stick out of the cast fully. my cast goes all the way up to just below my knee, all my friends cant belive its for a foot problem. is 6 weeks long enoughin a cast for PF ?/

Re: PF cast on foot

Julie on 12/31/03 at 11:47 (141010)

Jen, I think you should post your questions about casting on the Ask the Doctors board: they may not read this one regularly. It would be useful to get a foot doctor's view, though it is bound to be a general one as they haven't seen you. I am a bit concerned that the doctor you have seen may not be a foot specialist (a podiatrist). There are many conservative treatments for PF and casting without having given any of them a try seems a bit extreme to me, particularly as six weeks without being able to move your ankle is bound to leave you with muscle weakness which will have to be addressed. I could be wrong about the casting, it may be exactly the right treatment and I don't want to raise concerns in your mind about the quality of the care you're under. But I would say that if you haven't been seen, properly evaluated and diagnosed by a podiatrist, you should arrange for that to happen as soon as possible.

Glad you're not going to be a cocktail waitress walking 100 miles a day in heels for the rest of your life! Good luck with your degree course.

Re: PF cast on foot

R C on 12/31/03 at 14:29 (141016)


I was helped tremendously by the cast + crutches combo. (Two sets of four weeks.) The doc is right to tell you not to bear weight on the casted foot. The foot is healing now. If you take a step, the strain might re-injure it.

When the cast comes off, go really easy on the foot for a while. The doc should put you in physical therapy. This is a very vulnerable time for your foot, as it needs to rebuild some of the atrophied muscles and restore some flexibility. By 6 weeks the injury should have healed.

The nurse who led me through this experience says that they have a better than 90% success rate when casting PF cases -- as long as the patient does not try to walk on the cast, and the patient takes it easy after the cast is removed.

Good luck--


Re: PF cast on foot

jen on 12/31/03 at 19:43 (141022)

RC and julie thanks for your messages.

i was told i have stress fractures as well...
i guess that is why im in the cast right away. she figures kills both issues at same time.

i am so tempeted to walk on the cast!!! my roomate painted my toenails chrome silver for new years and she also drew a stop sign shape on my cast with the words 'NO STEP' across the cast along the toe area.

my dr did say to expect longer then 6 weeks in my cast but 6 weeks of crutches..

im really lucky as i have a insurance policy to pay me 75 percent of my wages ubove the comp. i am in vegas and earn about 70K in tips a year, my insurance will pay 75 percent of that.

so i guess im going to be hobbling around on the crutches for some time, any one think a wheelchair is better?? the n urse did say to keep it elevated a lot.. would in be better in wheelchair so the foot could stay rasied?/ i think wheelchairs can be set so leg is elevated right??
happy new years!

Re: PF cast on foot

Rose on 1/01/04 at 13:40 (141069)

I think that is a good idea. IL think that if I had been given that treatment it might have made it possible for me to avoid surgery. And yes, a wheel chair is a good idea. I think it is too easy to fall on crutches. The wheel chair worled very good for me after surgery. Good luck and keep us informed. I know you will be ever so much better when this is all done.