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Happy New Year

Posted by Lee on 12/30/03 at 23:08 (140985)

I want to wish all on this board wonderful and healthy new year. I know that I need a break from having foot surgery in aug, and now this 3rd degree sprain. I am now using a cam boot walker. It feels like moon shoes! I am hoping this helps to heal my ankle. I know time will do it, but since aug, all I am doing is sitting around. I feel like going nuts, so tomorrow night I am going out with my fiance, and having a good time. My problem now is,,what do I wear with this monster walking boot??? Its not a very sexy device,,,well Happy New Year....Lee:):)

Re: Happy New Year

Dorothy on 1/01/04 at 03:29 (141051)

Pretend you're an astronaut (moon boot...) and have a wonderful, good time!