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Trying something else

Posted by Dorothy on 1/01/04 at 02:37 (141039)

I have been using whey protein recently for the following reasons: it is supposed to be very good for tissue repair - that is how it benefits those who use it for body building purposes. It is supposed to be an immune system enhancer. There are ongoing studies about its positive effects against cancer. It is supposed to be useful in weight loss.
I do not know if the whey protein has anything to do with it or not, but I have felt a little better after having a rough period. I am not using it every day, but may do that later. I am also taking many of the same supplements that others here use (MSM, vit C, and the like). However, it is the whey protein that I wanted to post about here. Maybe it will be a good thing. I will continue to try to find good research on it. Anybody else?

Re: Trying something else

marie on 1/01/04 at 15:18 (141075)

That sounds interesting. I don't know anything about whey protein. Can you expand on this a little more? Let us know if it continues to be successful.


Re: Trying something else

Dorothy on 1/01/04 at 16:00 (141078)

I will give more information as I learn more, something I'm still doing.

Marie, I want to say a special word to you because I think that your encouraging words, your particular words of support and information about Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome and your experiences, your pleasant and steady tone, your kindness and your faithfulness here are such an important part of the heart and soul of this 'place.' I appreciate you and your presence here - and on a personal note, I often learn from you about keeping a 'softenend heart' even when meeting a hardened heart. You have done that with me, in fact, and I learn from you. It is a lovely gift that you seem to have.

I wish you a happy, healthy new year and good luck when and if you decide to take steps without the neurontin that has helped you get to this point. I hope you find yourself strong and well every day - and wish that for all of us.

Re: Trying something else

marie on 1/01/04 at 22:47 (141103)

Thanks Dorothy. I'm the lucky one. The folks here have taught me and not the other way around. Really, I'm glad to know each of you....even if it's only through your words. I hope you have a nice weekend...Sorry about Michigan. I was rooting for them.

best wishes marie