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Posted by Laura S on 1/01/04 at 19:45 (141089)

Has anyone tried prolotherapy for there chronic heel pain. I have tried everything that is out there, nothing has worked for me. I have had this heel pain for almost two years now.

My doctor is sending me to a physical medicince doctor who does this type of treatment.

If you have any suggestions please tell me I am so desperate to be pain free again. Yes I do stand all day at work.

thank you

Re: prolotherapy

BrianJ on 1/01/04 at 21:20 (141097)

I believe several people have posted about prolotherapy, and each experienced either no change in pain or an increase in pain. BrianG had this done, so hopefully he will read your post and provide his views.

Re: prolotherapy

Julie on 1/02/04 at 02:36 (141121)

Laura, standing all day at work is going to make it extremely difficult to free yourself of pain, whatever else you do or don't do. Have you tried to organise a change of duties, or even another job? We need to think creatively and be open to change when dealing with something as serious as chronic PF. If change of duties/job is genuinely not an option, then do all you can to alleviate the harmful effects of standing. Good, supportive shoes are essential, maybe orthotics. Taping would almost certainly be helpful. A rubber mat to stand on would cushion the punishment of a hard surface. Move around as much as possible - standing still is, for most people, the worst thing of all.

Re: prolotherapy

BrianG on 1/02/04 at 19:33 (141188)

Hi Laura,

I think if you go to the 'search' feature, you'll find info on Prolo. Yes, I had it. It was extremely painful, expensive (not covered by my insurance), and did not work for me. I have talked to others with PF, who had Prolo injections, and it didn't help them either. I think it may work better on tendons, like shoulders, etc. I am disapointed that the one good book about Prolotherapy touts it as a cure for PF. In my opinion, it works something like ESWT, but is much cheaper. It injures the area, and the body supossedly heals it.

Good luck
BrianG, not a doc